How To Catch Mew in Pokemon Go: Step-by-Step Quest Guide


Mew has finally been released in Pokemon Go, but how can you catch him? Well, it’s a little more complicated than catching a regular Pokemon or even getting a Legendary in a battle. To get Mew, you’ll have to participate in a new Research system and complete quests for the Mythical Discovery research reward. The first goals in Quest #1 are spinning five PokeStops, catching 10 Pokemon, and transferring five Pokemon. But then it gets more complicated from there. The good news is that Mew has a rumored high catch rate, so you likely won’t have to worry about not catching Mew after doing all that work. The first Mew was caught by a spoofer, so Niantic will likely be taking some bigger steps to cut down on spoofers in the near future.

Here are all the steps you’ll need to take to get Mew. These have been discovered by a number of active players, including Redditor Janka_lml and trainers on The Silph Road.

Steps Required for All Eight Quests

To catch Mew, you’ll need to participate in eight quests. For Quest 1, spin 5 PokeStops, catch 10 Pokemon, and transfer 5 Pokemon. For Quest 2, earn two candies walking with your Buddy (fun!), make 10 Great throws, and hatch three eggs. For Quest 3, reach Level 15, battle in a gym twice, and battle in two raids. For Quest 4, Earn a silver Kanto medal, evolve 20 Pokemon, and earn five candies walking your Buddy. Now you’re halfway to getting Mew.

For Quest 5, catch Ditto (previously caught Ditto Pokemon do not count), make 20 Great throws, and catch 10 Ghost Pokemon. For Quest 6, reach Level 25, battle 10 raids, and evolve a Magikarp. For Quest 7, catch 50 Pokemon using a berry, make 1 Excellent curve throw, and earn a Gold Kanto medal. For Quest 8, catch Mew!

Remember: to move on to your next quest, you must scroll up until you see a “claim” button that you can press in order to proceed to your next quest.

One more important piece of information: You can only get one Mew per account. Once you’ve completed the Special Research for Mew, you can’t take the challenge again and get a second Mew.

Where Are the Ghost Pokemon?

Now that you know the steps, let’s look a little more closely at some of the quests that are giving people trouble. Some trainers are getting stuck on the part where they need to catch 10 Ghost Pokemon. You’ll have the best chance at finding Ghosts spawning if you play at night, so definitely go out after sunset when you’re trying to complete this quest. Some trainers have determined that Ghost Pokemon spawn the most starting around 20:00 through 02:00.

Evolving Magikarp Tips

If you’re having trouble evolving Magikarp, we’re hearing that there are more carp sightings lately, so that might help you. You’ll also want to make Magikarp your buddy to speed things up. If you don’t have a Magikarp, you might be able to have an encounter with one in some of the quests. The Field Research Task – Catching, for example, requires catching 10 Pokemon for the second task, trainers have shared. A Magikarp encounter is one of the possible rewards for this.

Where Is Ditto Hiding?

If you’re having trouble finding Ditto, Pokemon Go trainers have noticed him in a number of Pokemon. The most common lower level Pokemon are Pidgey and Rattata. But you may also find Ditto Zubat, Magikarp (note: Magikarp may no longer be a Ditto sometimes), Hoothoot, Sentret, and Yanma. We’ve also heard trainers talk about finding Ditto in Taillow, Whizmur, Gulpin, Zigzagoon, and Gastly.

Mew Must Be Caught in AR Mode

When it comes time to catch Mew, keep this tidbit in mind: Players are saying that you need to be in AR mode to catch Mew. Mew appears and disappears as it flies, and the Professor says he modified the camera so we can see him. Here’s a video of someone capturing Mew:

It’s unclear at this time what the AR requirement means for phones that don’t have a gyro sensor and can’t use AR mode. Trainers have submitted this question to Niantic support and are waiting answers. So far, players have recommended borrowing a friend’s phone so you can capture Mew.

Remember: Mew is treated like a Legendary within the game, so you won’t be able to use Mew for gym battles. But the new Pokemon is still an exciting capture to achieve!