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E3 2018

Entertainment Software Association

Christmas for gamers has finally arrived!

E3 2018 is officially underway and all the biggest gaming developers/publishers are in attendance. What makes this year’s installment of the annual trade show even crazier is the multitude of leaks that have gotten out before its even begun. This trend has forced a few companies to release official info about their upcoming games, which means we’ll probably see even more of them during E3. Then there’s the excitement surrounding the games we know nothing about. Will there be a flood of remasters, remakes, sequels, and entirely new IP’s debuted during each of the press conferences? Let’s hope so!

E3 2018

Entertainment Software Association

Speaking of press conferences, here’s a complete list of all the major companies that will hit the E3 2018 stage (click on any of them to watch their full presentation):

Electronic Arts
Bethesda Softworks
Devolver Digital
Square Enix
Limited Run Games
PC Gaming Show
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Every trailer that debuts during these press conferences will be posted right here. Plus we’ll be sure to feature the multitude of gameplay footage shown off by numerous other developers/publishers. So be sure to come back here during the entirety of E3 2018 to bask in all the hype!

Electronic Arts

Battlefield V

Madden NFL 19


Unravel Two

Sea of Solitude

Command & Conquer: Rivals


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