New Prey DLC “Mooncrash” Out Tonight (E3 2018)


Prey was one of Bethesda’s latest single-player titles to release thanks to its creative gameplay, tough enemies, and compelling story. While rumors of DLC was floating around in space, we finally got confirmation from Bethesda during their E3 2018 conference. Two new DLCs were announced, one of which is officially releasing today along with a large update

Not only will players have access to New Game Plus and a Survival game mode, but a rogue-like DLC called Mooncrash. The world will change along with the loot you collect, enemies faced, and hazards that users have to deal with. This is meant to offer limitless replayability for those looking to take the fight to the Typhon.

Speaking of these twisted creatures, a new mode will come out later called “Typhon Hunt.” This mode has one player assume the role of a hunter while five others get to play Mimics. These users can hide in plain sight and assume the form of any object in the environment. Typhon Hunter is the first multiplayer mode for Prey.