The Last of Us Part 2 Gameplay Revealed (E3 2018)

The Last of Us Part 2 still has no release date, but we did get some gameplay details. Last year, we had quite a violent trailer, showing us what was often left to implication in the first game. At the time, we learned that Ellie is all grown up and she understands better than anyone the post-apocalyptic world she lives in. As the developers have stated, The Last of Us Part 2 is a game about hate with an Ellie that has “been through some shit.”

As to this year’s trailer, it seems Naughty Dog is not at all holding back on the adult themes of the game. “Visceral” is probably the best word to describe The Last of Us Part 2 E3 2018 trailer; not only did we see a man gutted by the same cult from the previous trailer, we also saw Ellie hack off a man’s head with a machete. Both images are certain to linger in your mind for the next few days.

Luckily, we also have a few gameplay details to focus on. Though the trailer made The Last of Us Part 2 look very smooth and open-world like, it is still a Naughty Dog game with a set path laid out for the player. First and foremost, you might have noticed that Ellie thinking of good times with her girlfriend. The scene quickly turns dark, however, as we are plunged into the zombie-filled world we know and love.

Second, we can see that the graphics have definitely been updated since the last game with beautiful wilderness and grasses. Ellie actually hides in the grass, showing us a few elements of stealth – like being able to duck under a car to escape from enemies. Though again, the trailer looked a little too smooth to be true gameplay. It is difficult to say what will be in the final game and what won’t.

We also see the return of the bow and arrow from the last game, now with bomb arrows and improved aiming capabilities. The combat is very fluid, with the camera not swinging to the wrong place when a hit takes you around a corner. The crafting system is similar to the previous game as well, with a few more additions to certain weapons.

Needless to say, The Last of Us Part 2 is going to be a violent and thrilling ride. If the trailer made you squeamish, it might be best to anticipate more and worse images from the game.