Every New Exotic in Destiny 2’s Black Armory

Destiny 2 Black Armory New Exotics

The latest round of DLC content for Destiny 2 is almost here, so it’s time to look over all the new Exotics coming. There are a total of five Exotic weapons getting introduced with Black Armory and each of which offers some truly unique attributes. So far there has been no word or hint of any Exotic armor pieces. It’s clear that Bungie is putting their focus on introducing new firearms, so don’t expect any new class-specific pieces.

Here’s a look at all five Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 Black Armory:

(Author’s Note: Bungie has confirmed five new Exotics, however, there is always a chance they introduce more during the Season of the Forge. If this happens we will update our list below.)

  1. 1) Anarchy – Grenade Launcher

  2. Destiny 2 Anarchy

    1. For those who want to emulate Forsaken’s Mad Bomber, the Anarchy Grenade Launcher is a unique weapon that fires mines. Once these mines are set, they will link together with Arc energy and damage anyone touching them. This makes Anarchy an especially potent area denial weapon that can easily fry any Guardian silly enough to stand in the Arc chains.
  3. 2) Izanagi’s Burden – Sniper Rifle

  4. Even though there are a ton of Exotics in Destiny 2, only a select few are considered top tier for damaging bosses. Izanagi’s Burden hopes to join this exclusive club via its unique perk called “Honed Edge.” When players hold down the reload button they can jam all of their bullets into a single powerful round that is able to “body shot” enemies. The gun also comes with Outlaw, allowing you to reload quickly after precision kills.

3) Jotunn – Fusion Rifle

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Fusion Rifle fans are in for a treat with Black Armory, as the DLC is introducing an Exotic dubbed “Jotunn.” Unlike other weapons in the archetype, Jotunn fires explosive rounds that will set the ground on fire around an afflicted target. This not only gives it decent single target damage but the ability to take out groups of foes with a single shot. Visually, Jotunn is unique as it encompasses the user’s entire forearm. Think of it as Destiny 2’s Mega Man’s Buster.

4) Le Monarque – Bow

Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotics

The newest bow coming to Destiny 2 is Le Monarque. Sporting the Pestilence Arrows perk, this weapon revolves around dealing sustained damage. On a perfect draw the struck target will take void damage over time. However, the catch is if you land a precision hit with a perfect draw then all enemies around that foe will be engulfed in a void cloud that also deals damage over time. We still don’t know the amount of damage the bow deals, but we suspect it will be quite good against normal ads.

5) The Draw – Hand Cannon

Formally known as The Last Word, The Draw is a returning Exotic from the original Destiny. Unlike the other Exotics listed above, The Draw is tied to a quest. While we don’t know the perks for this weapon yet, the original gun was extremely accurate when fired from the hip. The Last Word also had a fast fire rate, making it especially deadly in close quarters. If the gun functions anything like it’s Destiny 1 counterpart, then expect to see a lot of The Draw in the Crucible.

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