VOTE ‘NBA 2K19’ Poll – What Is Your Favorite Mode In The Game?

Credit: NBA 2K Which mode is your favorite in NBA 2K19

If you’re a hardcore NBA 2K fan, then you know the game has several modes. It’s almost as if it is seven games in one. Each mode has some depth, and this dynamic has created many subcultures. This layered experience has helped to lead to massive popularity, but some are critical of the developers because they may not be satisfied with the improvements made to their mode of preference.

Under the NBA 2K19 umbrella, we have the following modes:

  • Play Now Offline
  • Play Now Online
  • Blacktop (Single or Multiplayer On a Separate Streetball Court)
  • MyTeam (Card Collecting Mode)
  • MyCareer (Single-Player Story With Created Player)
  • MyPARK (Arcade Style Team-Up With Created Player Within the Neighborhood Environment)
  • Cages (Over-the-Top Single-Player With Created Player in a Caged Environment With the Neighborhood)
  • Pro-Am (Sim-Style Team-Up With Created Player Within the Neighborhood Environment)
  • MyGM (Single-Player Franchise Mode Experience, with or without a storyline)
  • MyLeague (Multiplayer Franchise Mode Experience with mass customization and online options)

Of all of those modes, seven of them are deep enough for a gamer to play exclusively for the entire year, or at least months at a time. While I’m the rare 2K player that delves into multiple modes, my bread and butter is MyLeague. Franchise modes are still the lifeblood of sports video games for me, and no gaming franchise has a better version of the concept.

MLB The Show is close, and the EA NHL franchise does a decent job in this as well. However, neither of those games gives you the customization options that NBA 2K provides when it comes to editing players, teams, arenas and league structure.

Pro-Am is the mode that spawned the NBA 2K League, but believe it or not; per 2K; it’s not one of the most popular modes in the game. The 2K League is aiming to change that, but it will be tough to dethrone MyPARK and MyCAREER. How about you? What’s your favorite mode in NBA 2K19? Vote in the poll below.

What's your favorite mode in NBA 2K19?
Play Now Offline
Play Now Online

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