How to Play Co-op and Invite Friends in Anthem

Anthem Invite Friends online coop

Anthem is the latest game from developer BioWare and it’s letting players jump into powerful, mechanical suits known as Javelins. An action/RPG, Anthem boasts up to four-player co-op and four unique Javelins that all serve different purposes on the battlefield. Because of this, it’s fairly important that you play with others since there are a variety of combos that can be pulled off. However, you won’t be able to play online with others until about a half hour into the game.

The online social features for Anthem will unlock after you complete both the prologue and your first real mission as a freelancer. After you make it back to base and speak with Owen you’ll be asked to return to your Javelin. Once you suit up for the next mission you’ll be given the option to either matchmake with strangers, play alone, or invite friends.

To invite your buddies, open up the main menu and select the Social tab. From here, scroll over to the Squad and then select one of the empty Invite Player tabs. After this, just hit Friends and select the person you want to invite to your party. Alternatively, you can simply hit the Friends tab under Squad and select the buddy you want to bring into the game.

If you don’t mind matchmaking with random strangers you actually don’t have to do much. Anthem is already set to Public, but you can change this in the menu by either clicking down on the right stick or hitting P. From here you can decide if your lobby is either closed or open, which will determine if others can join your game.

We strongly recommend playing with others since all of the Javelins are designed to work together. Nothing’s better than freezing a powerful foe and then shattering that enemy into pieces with the Colossus’ shield.

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