How to Play Online With Others in The Division 2 Beta

The Division 2 beta pay online friends

The Division 2’s beta has officially begun, so it’s time to take back the streets of Washington D.C. from a variety of different gangs. While you can experience and enjoy The Division 2’s beta by yourself, one of the best ways to play is with a squad. Unlocked fairly early, the multiplayer portion of this game is available across all consoles, but you’ll need to do a bit of legwork if you want to play online with others.

In order to access the online portion of The Division 2, you’ll need to finish the opening mission and then speak to the communications officer. This is a very simple mission, as it simply requires you to gun down a few waves of enemies attacking The White House. After all the enemies are killed, go inside the Base of Operations and then up the staircase. This will trigger a cutscene where you’re introduced to the communications officer and then sent out to go visit another agent.

After this, go downstairs and speak to the Quartermaster to unlock your first skill and passive buff. Once you regain control of your agent you’ll be able to bring up your menu and invite players into the game. Keep in mind, they have to already own the beta for you to play with them. This is done by either pre-ordering the game or signing up for beta access here.

If you don’t have anyone that owns The Division 2, you can matchmake with random players by selecting the “Call for Backup” button in the bottom right corner. You can also change the privacy of your group here. Additionally, if you want a random group just select your name and then scroll down on the right tab to “Find a Group.” Remember, you don’t have to play the beta with other people, but partnering up can certainly make things easier!