Was Etika Arrested? Streamer Detained by Police Live on Instagram

Etika Arrested Instagram

Popular Streamer/Youtuber Daniel Desmond “Etika” Amofah was detained earlier today while streaming on Instagram. Boasting nearly 300,000 subscribers on Twitter, Etika went on a bizarre rant earlier today that included calling himself a god and posting various insulting remarks. Etika continued releasing these types of remarks for several hours until the New York Police Department detained him in his Brooklyn apartment. To be clear, Amofah does not appear to have been arrested and charged with any crime at the time of writing this.

Once the police arrived, Etika spent around 30 minutes berating the police with various phrases such as “The Revolution will not be televised.” Amofah refused to open his door for the NYPD, which appears to have prompted them breaking into his home. NYPD then entered his apartment and detained the streamer while he was on Instagram with nearly 20,000 viewers.

Etika was then wheeled out on a stretcher to an ambulance yelling “We made it” to a growing crowd outside of his apartment. Alice Pika – a friend of Etika’s – commented that Amofah was physically unharmed after the police entered his apartment.  While some thought that this was a swatting event, it does appear that the police arrived following various suicidal messages Etika posted. This is not the first time Etika has posted these messages, as he commented on Twitter that he’d shoot himself in the forehead on April 16.

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A rumor has been circulating that this rant was caused by Amofah was due to various other Youtubers and influencers failing to get him verified on Twitter. However, after speaking to esports consultant Rod Breslau – who was asked by Etika about Twitter verification – this doesn’t appear to be the case. We spoke with Breslau who stated, “The only person he asked to get verified, from my knowledge of speaking to many people, is me.”

Breslau also stated that Etika seemed “chill” when the two met in person for a New York Excelsior event a month ago. This isn’t the first time that Etika has found himself in hot water, as the streamer has had multiple, public breakdowns in the past. He is was also banned from Twitch in 2018 for using a racial slur on stream and on Youtube for posting pornography. Newsweek reached out to the NYPD, who stated that they cannot comment about an ongoing investigation.

We will update this story if more information regarding Etika’s detainment is released to the public.