How to Get Bloodhound’s Heirloom Axe in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Bloodhound Heirloom

Just when you thought the Apex Legends grind couldn’t get any more brutal, the new Iron Crown event has begun. Boasting a plethora of stellar looking cosmetics, there are a lot of unique skins players can grind for. However, the chase item is Bloodhound’s heirloom axe and cosmetic pack. The second heirloom item introduced into Apex Legends, this gives the wearer a unique melee animation.

At the time of writing this, the only way to unlock the Bloodhound heirloom is by obtaining all 24 Iron Event cosmetics and spending 3,400 Apex Coins. You can obtain Iron Event cosmetics by opening special Iron Event loot boxes. Purchasing any of the event items for Iron Crowns in the store will not count towards your progress. Only items that come from the Iron Crown loot boxes matter.

Players can earn two of these loot boxes for free via dealing 25,000 damage and completing 20 Daily Bounties. After those are finished, you will need to manually purchase the remaining 22 boxes and then spend an additional 3,400 Apex Coins (a little under $40) for the Bloodhound heirloom. This is not worth the money and you will only have two weeks to grind for this weapon.

Thankfully, after the event finishes the Bloodhound heirloom will enter the normal loot pool and appear every 500 normal Apex Packs. While this may take longer, it’s better than spending over $100 on specialty packs instead of just earning the normal ones by playing.

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