How to Beat Banbaro in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

how to beat banbaro


Banbaro is definitely a force to be reckoned with in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, but with the right tools and tactics it will go down in no time. Join us as we beat Banbaro in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Before the Fight: Best Build & Equipment

Banbaro is very susceptible to stun, so use a weapon that can deal blunt damage like the Hammer and the Hunting Horn. Weapons with shield bash attacks can also work, especially if you want to bring in a weapon with slicing properties like the Sword & Shield or the Lance so you can cut off Banabro’s tail. Also be sure to equip armor and decorations with the Slugger skill to boost the potency of stun build up and the Critical Status skill to add stun build up to critical hits.

Banbaro can inflict Iceblight, which makes you consume more stamina with each of your actions. If you contract it, you can take a Nulberry or use the Cleanser Booster or the Iceproof Mantle. You can prevent it completely by having the level three Blight Resistance skill or by having an ice resistance of at least 20 according to the Monster Hunter World wiki. Ice resistance can be raised via certain armor pieces (the ones derived from Beotodus or Banbaro are your best bet) or from decorations. You can get a level four Ice Resistance decoration that gives you two levels of the Ice Resistance skill by completing a Master Rank optional quest from the Elder Melder that has you hunt a Great Jagras.

How to Beat Banbaro

Banbaro is a Brute Wyvern and is most similar, at least in shape and behavior, to Uragaan and Radobaan. Most of its attacks involve charging into the player. However, instead of rolling into a ball, it charges forward with its antlers.

Its antlers can roll up balls of ice and snow Katamari Damacy style while it charges. These balls can inflict iceblight. If it lifts the ball, you can shoot Banbaro with a Crystalburst (found from the beetles scattered about the Hoarfrost Reach) to make it drop and break the ball. You can also stop it mid-charge if you shoot it with a Crystalburst, according to the in-game Hunter’s Notes.

Banbaro can also pick up trees while charging. This dramatically increases the width and power of its attack, but it carries the tree only for a little while.

You’ll be safest attacking the legs from the sides, as that’s a weak point and most of Banbaro’s attacks come from the front. Just watch out for Banbaro’s side tackle. However, it’s actually most effective to attack the head to stun the monster and break its horns. This is the most dangerous spot to be in, though.

Banbaro can get into Turf Wars with Beotodus. These tussles can take off a huge chunk of damage, so make sure you wait until the fight ends and then scare off Beotodus with a Dung Pod so it doesn’t hassle you.

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