How to Unlock New Drivers in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Unlock Drivers

The latest mobile Nintendo game to hit App Stores everywhere is Mario Kart Tour. Taking the wacky, fast-paced races of Mario Kart, this entry boasts a collection of tracks, items, karts, and gliders. However, the big draw is unlocking the variety of Nintendo-themed characters. Unlike most entries in this franchise, you will not have the entire roster available when you boot up the game. Instead, you’ll have to spend a fair amount of time unlocking them.

There are a few ways to unlock different drivers, but the most common method is by simply playing the game. As you progress through the different World Cups you’ll occasionally earn Tour Gifts, some of which will contain a new character. Here is what character you’ll earn and how many Stars it requires to obtain them.

  • Koopa Troopa – 25 Stars
  • Daisy – 147 Stars
  • Metal Mario – 227 Stars (Gold Pass Subscription Only)
  • Yoshi – 272 Stars

Additionally, you can earn characters by using the Warp Pipe, which will become available after you finish the first racing cup. This Warp Pipe will release a random kart-based item such as a glider, driver, or new vehicle. You can obtain drivers this way, but the pipe can only be activated by spending real-world money. There’s also a chance that you’ll get a duplicate, but if this happens it will increase the skill power of that item. For those that purchase the New York set at $19.99, you’ll unlock Mario as a playable character.

Finally, you can unlock drivers via the store by spending coins. Just like the Warp Pipe, the store is available once you finish your first racing cup. At first, only three slots in the store will be open, but as you rank up your player level more will unlock. Currently, it costs 800 coins to obtain a new driver and the store’s selection rotates every 24 hours.

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