How to Get the Golden Path Achievement in Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Golden Path

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has officially released and there are plenty of achievements/trophies to unlock. One of these is the Golden Path, which is tied to the Clean House mission. To unlock this, you have to kill every enemy in the house sweep with a single bullet and without being shot. You can use checkpoints, so if you take damage, miss, or hit someone twice just reload the save and try again. We recommend using the assault rifle since it’s single fire and anyone shot in the chest or head will be killed.

First Floor

When you enter the home via the ladder, your first targets will be the three people talking in the dining room. Line up your first shot and take out the guy who is standing up. Kill him and quickly move to the woman who will be going for an assault rifle. Wait until she stops moving to drop her, but make sure to stay in the hall when you’re firing otherwise the other man will shoot you. Once she is dead, kill the man hiding behind the table he was sitting at before he has a chance to shoot at you.

Second Floor

Here’s where things start to get a bit tricky. Once you’re on the second floor approach the door by Price and gently nudge it open by holding X (Xbox One)/ Square (PS4). Give yourself just enough room to peek through the crack in the door and drop the man holding the hostage. Now barge in and aim at the woman, but don’t fire until she picks up the gun and is standing still. Be very careful with these two, because if your bullet can pass through both, killing one and wounding the other. If you need to, use a flashbang in this room to separate them before breaching.

Finally, approach the bathroom in the back right corner of the room by hugging the wall. Tap the handle to cause the terrorist to blindly fire through the door. Wait till he bursts out of the room and drop him before he shoots at you. You should get a checkpoint before he breaks through, so don’t worry about getting shot since you can reload the save.

Third Floor

Floor three is a little easier since the enemies always approach in the same order. Wait in the hall for the enemy to attack through the door and then toss a flashbang through the hole. Bash the door open and kill the man while he is still blinded. Quickly look to your left and gun down the terrorist bursting through the door. Then immediately turn to the right side of the room, killing the last man hiding behind the wall.

Fourth Floor

Move to the next floor and open up the room with the woman protecting her baby. Rather than shooting the woman, approach her and hit up on the D-pad to calm her down. Now, turn around, crouch, and slowly open up the door to the adjoining room. Aim under the bed in the back right corner and kill the man when he shows himself. He will always scramble under the bed, so this is a really easy guy to eliminate.


When you get to the attic, don’t shoot the woman even when she goes for the detonator. Price will kill her instead, which still counts for this achievement. After she dies, the Golden Path should automatically unlock. If it doesn’t, restart the mission and try again.

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