Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Live Stream Full Recap

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Live Stream Recap

Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is almost upon us and developer Bungie is hosting a live stream showcasing all the new, upcoming content. However, we won’t be going into this stream completely blind, as Bungie released a trailer showcasing Season of Dawn yesterday. Following the destruction of the Undying Mind, Mercury’s once again fallen into temporal chaos. With the Cabal attempting to re-write the history, we join Osiris to stop these angry space turtles.

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Of course, the big reveal was that Saint-14 appears to be resurrected. Considered to be the best Titan to ever exist, it appears that we will need to save him. Additionally, there is a new 6-player activity called The Sundial and another Season Pass filled with new rewards. There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding this live stream, with many members of the Destiny 2 community worried about the amount of content coming down the road. With a lot of pressure on Bungie to deliver, it will be intriguing to see what they have installed for Destiny 2’s future.

Below is our live recap of the Season of Dawn reveal stream. We will be updating it as new information is revealed, so make sure to check back with us if you’re unable to watch!

Season of Dawn Live Stream Recap

The Basics/Story Details

  • Saint-14 is described as the most “Lawful Good” character in Destiny
  • We’ll have to solve how to bring back Saint-14
  • The Dawning Returns December 17
  • New Season of Dawn roadmap revealed
  • The community killing the Undying Mind ignited the events of Season of Dawn

New Artifact/Sandbox Changes

  • The Lantern of Osiris – New Artifact
  • Champion mods not longer require energy and are the first tier
  • Bows, Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Scout Rifles are tied to the Champion Mods
  • Void and Solar are the main elements of the artifact
  • Guardian Angel mod – You have a chance to gain a healing orb after a precision kill.
  • Charge with Light mods (Situational mods that trigger upon performing a specific action)
  • Some mods give Charges of Light, others consume them
  • Playlist for Finishers – will rotate through selected Finishing Moves
  • Sparrows on Mercury (Yay!)
  • Knife spinning emote

The Sundial

  • The Sundial’s first phase – Killing waves of enemies while ascending a large staircase
  • The Sundial is a massive time machine
  • New bosses introduced each week
  • Activity evolves over the season
  • Matchmaking confirmed
  • You will always complete the activity – similar to The Menagerie
  • Not a traditional horde mode
  • Hard mode requires a made fireteam – will not have Matchmaking
  • One encounter requires you obtaining charges from enemies, throwing them at the boss to call down a massive laser beam on him.
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