How to Beat Raging Brachydios in MHW Iceborne

how to beat raging brachydios


Capcom added two new variants of some of the hardest monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with their third free major update, Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang. Here we’re going to discuss how to beat Raging Brachydios.

Raging Brachydios is a bigger and meaner variant of Brachydios. While some of the strategies from fighting regular Brachydios will carry over, Raging Brachydios brings a whole new energy to the fight. Here’s everything you need to know.

Before You Fight

To unlock the Special Assignment quest where you fight Raging Brachydios, you need to have finished the Recon Assignment you get from the Tracker after finishing the final story quest for Iceborne. You’ll find the Tracker along with some other NPCs in front of the bulletin board in the middle of Seliana. She’ll have a purple exclamation point over her head. Talk to her to access the Special Assignment quests for both Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios.

Raging Brachydios is weakest to the ice element with water being a secondary weakness. It’s also moderately weak to each of the five status effects except for blast (which it is only somewhat weak to).

Make sure you have all the staple Armor Skills when crafting your preferred build, such as Weakness Exploit, Handicraft, Critical Boost, Critical Eye, Attack Boost, etc. Any Armor Skills that enhance dodge rolls is a good choice for melee players wanting to stay away from Raging Brachydios’ slime. Blast Resistance is definitely an option to avoid the annoying Blastblight status effect entirely, but since you can get rid of it by dodge rolling I’d save the slots for other things such as Critical Eye or even Health Boost and instead take along a Fireproof Mantle which negates Blastblight when you wear it.

My preferred weapon when fighting Raging Brachydios is Knightly Ectis, the level 12 lance you get from Velkhana parts. Lances are ideal for their defensive capabilities and their ability to hit weak points high up off the ground. Of all the ice-based lances, Knightly Ectis does the most damage to monsters weak to ice according to JinJinx and Tuna. With high base damage and access to purple sharpness, it won’t let you down. You can augment it even further for affinity or health regen, though it isn’t a requirement for Raging Brachydios.

My build includes three armor pieces from Teostra for the fire resistance and the Master’s Touch skill, which prevents sharpness loss when making critical hits. This Armor Skill is perfect for sharpness heavy weapons like the lance. Plus the arms in this set have Heat Guard which prevents the health-draining effect of the Volcanic Region of The Guiding Lands, where you and your party will end up eventually.

How to Beat Raging Brachydios


Raging Brachydios drops slime on the ground just like its regular counterpart that can inflict Blastblight when touched and can explode. While normal Brachydios’ slime takes a while to explode, Raging Brachydios’ slime explodes almost immediately. So make sure you don’t stand on top of the slime, especially when it turns red because an attack from Raging Brachydios or you can make it explode.

It’s weak points are on the head, arms and tail. However, don’t attack them when they turn red because if you do they’ll explode and deal damage. If you don’t want to wait for the parts to cool off, then you can either have a fellow hunter with a ranged weapon or glaive set them off with attacks or you can attack them with water element weapons which don’t trigger the blast, according to users on the Monster Hunter Subreddit.

When you’re not going for breaking its weak points, go for the legs. As with most monsters, Raging Brachydios is more dangerous when attacked head on so attacking the legs from the side is a safe option. The legs aren’t weak spots, though, so make sure you soften them up with a Clutch Claw attack.

If you continuously use traps during the fight, then Raging Brachydios will have less opportunities to lay down its slime.

Despite Raging Brachydios’ huge size, it’s quite mobile. According to GameWith, it can swing its arms while dodging to the side and pounce from a distance. The pounce is telegraphed by the monster knocking its legs together, according to the publication.

According to one user on the Subreddit, many of the monster’s attacks leave it in place for a short while, allowing you to get quick attacks in. They advise not to start up a huge, slow attack during this break, though, as it’ll probably move out of the way and attack you as you’re charging or pulling off the move.

One of Raging Brachydios’ most devastating attacks is when it sticks its head in the ground and shoots a line of explosions. If enraged, it might backstep and do another one, according to another user on the Subreddit.

Once Raging Brachydios’ HP gets down to a certain threshold toward the end of the hunt, it will head to area 15 on the map and cause rocks to fall down to block the exits. You can’t even use Farcasters to escape or even traps, according to GameWith. If you faint, you can reenter the fight by using a Raider Ride to cross over the rocks. Raging Brachydios will cover most of the area in slime which, instead of inflicting Blastblight, will deal damage over time as you step on it. If Raging Brachydios roars, then all of the slime will detonate. Make sure to avoid it at all costs. You can actually use this to your advantage if you have a light bowgun by placing mines (or just barrels for any other weapon user) where the monster is before it roars, dealing huge damage.

Raging Brachydios Rewards

The armor set for Raging Brachydios will grant Agitator Secret with two pieces equipped and Artillery Secret with four pieces, raising the maximum level for the Agitator and Artillery skills respectively.

Not only do you get a huge amount of defense with this set, but a ton of armor slots and access to useful skills like Weakness Exploit and Agitator. In fact, with the beta chest, arms and waist, you can raise the Agitator skill to maximum.

Plus each of the weapons give the Safi Jiva weapons with blast a run for their money. They also look a lot cooler than the standard Brachydios weapons. You can also craft a level 12 weapon right out of the box without upgrading a weapon a million times.

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