How to Revive Teammates in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Revive Teammates

Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode has finally released after years of speculation and leaks. This multiplayer mode takes the classic battle royale formula and adds some unique twists that will surely keep gameplay engaging. One of these is how players are revived in Warzone. Typically, when a user dies in a battle royale mode they’re either out entirely or drop a card for teammates to take to a revive station. Not in Warzone, as there are two different ways for players to return – none of which have to do with a revive card.

The first and most common method is by winning fights in the Gulag. When you die in Warzone you’re sent to a prison where you get to watch and participate in 1v1 fights to the death. If you win this battle then you’re instantly revived with the “No More Second Chances” debuff. This means if you die again then you’re out of the match completely. Additionally, if you die in your Gulag fight then you are also out, but can still be revived by your teammates via the Buy Station.

When you open the store you can select your teammate’s name in the top right corner and purchase their revive for $4,500.  Similar to other shooters, the person returning won’t have any gear outside of their pistol so make sure to leave them some loot. They will drop right around you, so maybe give them a gun and some supplies before heading out! Typically, it’s good to have at least one Self-Revive Kit per squad, just in case someone loses their Gulag fight.

These are the only two methods for reviving your teammate, so you’ll want to practice your 1v1 fights. Winning Gulag fights is critical since players can be quickly finished off if they’re down. Going into a battle down a man is never good, especially when you are still learning the massive map and various mechanics.

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