How to Get the Shotgun in Half-Life: Alyx


After playing with the pistol for the first few chapters of Half-Life: Alyx, players will eventually be able to upgrade their arsenal.

As is the case with many games, the next weapon players come across in the game will be the shotgun, and they’ll have to solve a puzzle in order to get it.

Shortly into Chapter 3, Alyx will stumble across a zombie who is hanging from the ceiling by his legs while holding a shotgun.

Before we start the puzzle, players should take advantage of the gravity gloves and grab the ammo from the zombie’s corpse. It has two sets on it, so make sure to grab those.

After players do this, jump down into the pit. Players will quickly notice that all of the tugging in the world won’t be enough to pry the shotgun from the corpse’s hands, so they’ll have to try something else.

As it turns out, the zombie is being held up by crank made out of a bike tire. There is a tube stuck in the spokes that’s keeping him held up there. Once you remove this, it’ll come tumbling down.

Half-Life Alyx release date

ValveHalf-Life: Alyx is a truly immersive experience.

Players will have to use this crank to reel it back up to ground level and stick the tube back in at the right time. If players do this correctly, they’ll be able to pick up the gun from the zombie’s hand.

By this time, players should hear zombies pounding on the walls from all sides, which is when the game informs you of how to load the gun.

It’s actually quite interesting as the shotgun has to be completely opened up and filled with shells manually. Once the gun is all loaded, the zombies will burst in through the walls, but players will quickly discover the shotgun can lay waste to these enemies in just one shot.

The shotgun sure does pack quite the punch, which is likely why ammo for it is quite scarce when you first pick it up.

Half-Life: Alyx is out now exclusively on Steam.

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