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Tiger King Challenge BitLife

Netflix/BitLife Tiger King Challenge BitLife

One of many games that has become more popular while people have been sheltering at home due to the coronavirus pandemic is BitLife. And the game is even more fun now that BitLife’s introduced a Tiger King Challenge based on the popular Netflix series. Here’s what you need to do to complete the challenge.

Now that Tiger King is pretty much universally popular, BitLife has joined in the fun with a Tiger King Challenge. The challenge seems confusing at first because the requirements are all blank. There are five things you need to accomplish to win the challenge, but every requirement just reads “???” Here’s what the challenge looks like:


The challenge reads: “Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Are you outspoken, good looking, love to party, and shoot guns? Then you’ll go wild, sinking your claws into this crazy challenge!”

You’re then given a limited amount of days to complete the challenge. If you’ve watched Tiger King, you might be able to guess your way through completing at least some of the challenges. If you haven’t, then you might need a little (or a lot of) help.

Here’s How to Complete the Challenge

Here is what you need to do to complete the challenge.

Challenge 1 is that you must be a man. So when you’re creating a new character, you should choose male as the gender. To do this, choose the New Life option and then choose the “Custom Life” option rather than starting a new random life. To make things as realistic as possible, you might even want to change your name to Joe Exotic. Just click on each of the categories on the Custom Life screen to choose the right settings.

Challenge 2 is that you must be born in Oklahoma City. That’s easy when you’re starting your Custom Life. Simply choose “Oklahoma City” as your location under “Place” (which is your place of birth.) Of course, you’ll also need to choose the United States as your country.

In order to select your appearance or your attributes, you’ll need to be paying for God Mode. These aren’t needed to complete the challenge, so you can skip those options. Your custom page should look something like this:


Challenge 3 is that you must have three big cats. (Note: Some people say that Challenge 3 and 4 are reversed — just complete them in whatever order you can.)

To achieve this, you’ll need to go to the Activities tab of the game, choose Pets, then Exotic Pet Dealer.



Until your character is an adult, the Exotic Pet Dealer option won’t be available to you.

When you choose “Exotic Pet Dealer,” you’ll then be given an offer for an exotic pet to buy. You can’t swipe through options — you’ll only be given one pet and you can take it or leave it. You’ll need to make sure that you buy a pet that’s labeled a “Big Cat,” like the one below.


You’ll need to exit and restart the game if the Exotic Pet Breeder doesn’t offer you a big cat. That’s the only way to get a new exotic pet option from the breeder. Sometimes you’ll need to exit the game several times before you can get the big cat option.

In total, you’ll need to buy a “Big Cat” three times. And of course, your character needs to have a good job with enough money to afford the three big cats. So you’ll have to plan ahead and look for a good degree in college or try to be famous (with high stats in the good looks category) in order to have the funds. Don’t end up in jail because that will close a lot of doors for you.

BitLife players have shared some additional advice in the BitLife subreddit. The cats purchased from the Exotic Pet Dealer can’t be wildcats or bobcats, notes Redditor Rock_Fall. Those don’t count as Big Cats, so make sure you look for the Big Cat designation. It can sometimes be a little tricky to meet this challenge. Rock_Fall noted: “I got the achievement with a lion, a leopard and a black panther. I also had a tiger and mountain lion earlier on but the tiger killed the mountain lion right away and then I couldn’t buy a big cat for several years, during which she died of a disease.” 

One player suggested that you just buy big cats from the exotic pet dealer until you finally get the checkmark. Most players agree that they don’t have to be tigers – they can be any big cat.

Challenge 4 is that you must be married to a man. To achieve this, you’ll need to make sure that when the opportunity presents itself in the game, you choose your sexual orientation as “gay.” You will then have opportunities during the game to date men and ultimately marry a man. You can’t speed this up by going to the Activities tab and choosing Love. If you try, you’ll just keep getting matched up with people of the opposite gender. So you’ll just need to wait until the game asks if you’re gay or straight and choose the gay option.

Challenge 5 is that you must hire a hitman and get sent to jail. This last one might be the trickiest to do successfully. Go to Activities tab and choose Crime. Then pick the Hitman option and choose a target you know. There’s no option to choose Carole Baskin.

To be true to Tiger King, your hitman needs to fail and your character needs to be found guilty and go to jail. The best way to achieve this, if you’re caught and go to court, is to choose the public defender option.

But don’t go for the hitman challenge this until the very end of the game after you’ve gotten the other challenges, warns Redditor PeriwinklePhoenix. If you end up in jail too soon, you won’t be able to complete the other challenges.

There are lots of other fun challenges on BitLife if you finish the Tiger King challenge. Here’s a list of some of them shared on Reddit.

BitLife is a fun text-based life simulator mobile game that you can play on Android or iOS. The game was first released in September 2018.

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