Fortnite Bug Gives Player Unlimited Floppers

fortnite infinite floppers bug

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Anyone who has been playing Fortnite since the start of Chapter 2 will no doubt know how important fishing is to staying alive over the course of a match.

Floppers are easily one of the best ways of healing in the game as they provide a huge health bonus and are consumed very quickly.

It’s always nice to have at least a few of them in your inventory, but this player took things to the next level with thousands of them in their arsenal at once. It’s certainly nothing we’ve ever seen before and one of the strangest bugs to ever hit Fortnite.

Take a look for yourself.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

That moment when you kill a guy and get 2000 floppers from FortNiteBR

Redditor Audiblemagician definitely didn’t expect to pick up close to 2,000 Floppers after eliminating a person, but that’s what happened.

In the screenshots above, it looks like fish just poured out of the enemy after being eliminated. At that point, picking up the Floppers obviously becomes a higher priority than winning the match because it’s not every day you see something like this happen.

Perhaps even more hilariously, they included a screenshot of when they were eliminated and what their opponent saw when all those fish flooded the area.

How Likely is This Bug?

Considering we haven’t seen many other players report an issue like this, it seems very unlikely that this will happened to you during a typical Fortnite match.

As we can see, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible since Audiblemagician probably didn’t expect it either. Either way, it’s probably not something to worry about a whole lot. If it does happen, try not to fill up your inventory with them as it cost this Redditor the match.

“Idk but the flops were literally stuck in my inventory and I died as a result,” they wrote in response to a question about what was going on.

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