Fortnite Vaults Shockwave Hammer After Game-Breaking Glitch

fortnite shockwave hammer

Epic Games Fortnite's new Shockwave Hammer.

Players who enjoy playing with the Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite will find it’s no longer possible after Epic Games removed the item from all game modes on January 8.

This comes on the heels of a game-breaking bug where players were able to get unlimited bounces with it, essentially making them a mobility powerhouse with little to no counter. Obviously, players were easily able to abuse this bug and rack up victories if they knew what to do.

“Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled the Shockwave Hammer in all playlists,” wrote Fortnite Status. “Our intent is to re-enable the Shockwave Hammer in the next game update when this issue has been resolved.”

Given how popular these hammers have been in the endgame, players will immediately notice they are gone, and depending on which side of the glitch they were on, they might find themselves winning games again.

This Has Been a Big Issue

While it’s not something you were going to run into every game, the Shockwave Hammer glitch was becoming tougher and tougher to ignore as they days went on, and Epic finally had to step in and do something.

“I play solo and I’ve seen it in more games than not, I was playing a lot so I saw it on like 10 separate occasions, and I saw it twice during the end with 5 or less people, I lost one of those to a person doing it as the last two people alive they jumped around 15 times and killed me,” wrote Reddit user Beautiful-Musk-Ox.

General awareness of the glitch started going up exponentially once players started posting the various ways they’ve been eliminated by it. Since Epic Games developers do browse the Fortnite subreddit, perhaps they felt the time was right for them to step in and remove it.

Glitchy Season So Far

The start of a new season, and chapter at that, is meant to be an exciting time. However, there have been a bunch of issues that have cropped up, and it has hurt the overall feeling of the season.

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja even made a video about all of the issues and said he’d stop playing if they continue. Your mileage obviously varies, but the sheer number of glitches in the game, big and small, have been rough to deal with.

Taking out the hammer is a good start, but instead of just keeping it out of the game indefinitely like they did with the sand tunneling back in Chapter 2, they should work on getting things fixed.

The hammer has been a difficult item to deal with, and people were calling for its removal almost as soon as they saw it in the game, but the issues do run deeper than that.

Epic said the hammer will be back in the next game update, so the wait for it to return might not be very long, but that’s assuming the issue can be fixed. If you check out the game’s Trello board, you’ll see the developers have a huge list of things they are working on, so the next update could come with more than just the hammer fix.

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