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11 Best Gaming Headset Cyber Monday Deals

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Looking to pick up a gaming headset? We’ve scoured Amazon to bring you the best gaming headset Cyber Monday deals in town. After a quick answer? You can’t go wrong with Razer, SteelSeries, or HyperX. All three are the kings of gaming headsets, and with up to 50 percent off, there’s never been a better time to pick one of these bad boys up.

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Best Gaming Headset PS4

From my personal experience trying out different gaming headsets, I'd have to go with the HyperX Cloud Mix.

Make no mistake, this is a premium headset with a price to match, although given its brilliance, I've no qualms with the cost. 

Hi-res is for music what HD is to SD TVs. You don't realize how much of a song you miss until you've found a good pair of hi-res certified headphones. 

And yes, even though the Cloud Mix is a gaming headset, it doubles up as a pair of really killer headphones. 

When it comes to gaming, there is no better headset. Crisp sound meets a crystal clear mic. Throw in how comfortable these things are and you can see why the Cloud Mix is my headset of choice for both gaming and listening to music.  

Best Gaming Headset Xbox One

Easy. That'd be the Razer Thrasher for Xbox One

This isn't a one for all headset. It's been designed specifically for the Xbox One (and PC via the Microsoft wireless adaptor), meaning it takes full advantage of Windows Sonic, which is baked into the Xbox One operating system. 

What this means is this wireless headset will be able to truly place you in the action. If someone is sneaking up behind you in Fortnite, you'll hear the footsteps or gunfire from behind. 

Not only does this give you an advantage in games, it's just freaking cool to feel. 

Razer also boasts how this is a lag-free headset, which given how much of a challenge that is to achieve, is worthy of praise. 

So if you're after the best gaming headset for Xbox One, you won't be disappointed with the Razer Thrasher. 

Best Wireless Gaming Headset

Again, I'm going to have to give the title of the best wireless gaming headset to Razer. 

The Razer Nari is a beautiful bit of design work. When you think of gaming headsets, it's easy to envision angled, chunky edges. Razer ignores those ugly roots yet still manages to create something instantly recognizable as a gaming headset. 

It's lightweight, the headphone cups swivel, it has THX spatial audio (!!!!), a noise-canceling mic, and crisp, clear sound. 

And, of course, my favorite thing in the world, cooling gel-infused ear cushions. 

It's stylish, lag-free, and above all else, just a well-designed headset. 

Best Budget Gaming Headset

Okay. First we need to define budget.  Are we talking the cheapest that'll do the job? Or something that doesn't cost a bomb but won't fall apart a week after you open it?

Everyone has their own idea of what budget means, so I don't want to serve you up a slider when you're after a porterhouse. 

If it's cheap but will get the job done, maybe it's for a kid who's going to wreck it after a few months, go with this Gaming Headset

If you don't mind paying a little extra and want something that isn't premium but doesn't fall into cheap territory, go with this Logitech Gaming Headset. It's not that much more expensive than the headset above but the difference in quality is noticeable. 

Best Razer Gaming Headset

That would be the Razer Nari Ultimate

It goes without saying the sound and mic quality are top-tier. Of course it is! But what sets this headset apart, and makes it the best Razer gaming headset, is all the other functions. 

It's wireless, supports TX audio, has haptic feedback (small vibrations which bring sound to life), and with the retractable mic, this beast is perfect for music. 

I could go on but honestly, I can summarize this easily just a simple you need to check it out. You won't regret it.