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9 Best Memory Cards for Nintendo Switch (Updated!)

You’ve just picked up a Nintendo Switch game console that only features 32GB worth of onboard memory space. Gasp! Since wicked games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are going to take up at least half of that 32GB, that means you’re going to want to pick up a Micro SD memory card. Or two.

The Nintendo Switch can handle Micro SD cards up to 2TB in size which is really nice…even if 2TB Micro SD cards don’t exist just yet. Still, it’s good to know that the Switch will be ready when that inevitably happens.

What kind of Micro SD memory card should you pick up for your Switch? Nintendo recommends UHS-1 (that stands for Ultra High Speed) cards and there’s really no reason to purchase anything strong than that format. The minor difference in write speed when looking at UHS-3 cards translates to virtually nothing when booting games.

The performance of most of these cards when paired with a Switch console is going to be virtually the same despite how much or little you spend on the card itself. As long as the Micro SD card that you’re planning to get is a UHS-I card, your main focus here should be price and storage size. And sometimes even style.

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What Else Do I Need for the Nintendo Switch?

You've finally got your Nintendo Switch and you're completely excited to get playing some incredible games. Good for you! But aside from a large memory card like those reviewed above, you're going to need some other gadgets to make your experience even better.

First off: just like your precious mobile phone, your Switch could use a screen protector especially if taking it back and forth to work or school. To protect your Switch screen from scratches, consider a protector made of tempered glass like this one from amFilm. They're cheap and you won't hate yourself like you would if the screen gets messed up.

The Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch can be charged by placing them back onto the Switch console itself. Consider picking up a charging dock to make things easier on yourself.

The Fyoung Charging Dock features a compact footprint so it doesn't command a lot of shelf space. It has close to a five-star rating with over 2,000 reviews. On top of that, it's less than $20 so buy one already.

If you're planning on late-night gaming sessions or even if you want to take advantage of the Nintendo smartphone chat app, you'll want to purchase a good headset. The PDP LVL40 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset is built specifically for the Switch.

The headset is breathable and lightweight so you won't be fatigued during your gaming session. The microphone is bi-directional and noise-canceling. Need to mute? Just flip up the mic.

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