Multiversus Game Director Breaks Silence on Adding 2 Cartoon Network Icons


Warner Bros Multversus is out now.

If you’ve ever dreamed about what a fight between Game of Thrones’ Arya and Bugs Bunny would look like, then Multiversus is your chance to do just that.

The free-to-play fighting game is available in open beta now, and if you’re a fan of Smash Bros or Brawlhalla, then there’s a lot to like with this title. The main selling point of the title is the fact that numerous fan-favorite characters from DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and other Warner Bros. properties are in the game.

With Rick and Morty looming on the horizon, it seems that there are limits to who can come into the game, and it won’t just be limited to Warner Bros. characters either.

When asked on Twitter about why Mordecai and Rigby are not in the game as of right, Multiversus game director Tony Huynh explained that he’s doing what he can to get them in the game.

Regular Show Content Coming?

There are plenty of characters from the Warner Bros. stable house that can be chosen, so there will always be fan favorites being skipped over. However, the two main characters from Regular Show seem like they could be arriving sooner rather than later.

“I’ll try really hard, one of my favorite shows,” Huynh responded after being asked about adding the two characters.

Of course, wanting to add characters is totally different from them actually coming. It’s tough to say if there are any roadblocks to this happening.

Steven Universe and Adventure Time both have strong representation in Multiversus, so it’s not like Cartoon Network characters have been off the table. Regular Show is one of the most popular shows from the channel in the past decade, so there has to be some sort of reason the two characters didn’t arrive at launch.

As we’ve seen from Rick and Morty, post-launch support will be strong and it’ll bring in characters who didn’t arrive from day one.

Who’s Next?

From what we know, Rick and Morty are the very next characters that will be added into Multiversus, and not much else is known outside of that.

We do have a leaked list of characters that includes additional Game of Thrones characters, but there’s no telling if that means they’ll be next or not. House of the Dragon does release in August, so the timing could be good for more characters from that particular fantasy universe.

There are currently 17 characters in the game, and buying the highest tier Founders Pack gives you 30 of them, so there are certainly plans for adding characters to this game for quite a while.

So far, Multiversus is quite generous with the gold coins that can be used to unlock characters without spending any money. If you do decide to pick up the Founders Pack later on, you can use those character unlock tokens to grab new characters as they release instead of having to spend precious Glemium.

For the time being, fans can debate about whether or not their favorite characters will eventually make it into the game.

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