30 Best Romantic Gifts for Men 2018

romantic gifts


If there’s one thing a guy likes, it’s knowing that his significant other loves/likes/digs him. Romantic gifts are a direct route to showing him as much. He may have a strong personality, he might be an alpha male (is that term used anymore?), he might seem like he is the most self confident guy in the world. But I guarantee that he wants to know that he’s still got the magic. And, more importantly, that you like the magic. (You must, right? After all, you’re here…looking to get that dude something nice.) Whether it’s for Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, a holiday or just because, we’ve got you covered.

UPDATE: This list was updated on June 4, 2018.

Romantic Gifts: A Definition

You’ll note that several of the gifts in our list are items that you can personalize. In our view, personalization of a gift immediately makes it a special gift…a sentimental gift. It shows that you went to the trouble and that he’s important enough for you to want to give that man something special.

Not all the gift suggestions below are engravable. As you know, it’s the thought that counts. So what we’re going for with this list are things that, generally speaking, will make his heart melt a little. Some of the items are pretty fun — sex checks, anyone? — but they all are personal and they all mean that you thought a little bit more about something because you wanted him to know he’s the dude.

We’re sure you’ll find something that will speak to him in our list of 30 Best Romantic Gifts for Men 2018.

1. What I Love About You Journal

What I Love About You Journal

Knock Knock

With the Knock Knock Journal, it’s a super easy way to let him know he’s still got it. The obviously romantic gift is to get the “What I Love About You” version But there are several other versions (for all sorts of different categories of friends and family members) that might be better for your particular dude. The “Why You Make Me Smile” version may be the best because guys love making their loved one laugh. Another one that will hit the bull’s-eye is the “What I Love About Us” version. The book is really simple to fill out. There are 112 pages with “prompts” that help you jot down something that’s just perfect. These journals are hardcover with a clear plastic jacket. They get tons of customer reviews and are very popular and it’s an Amazon Best Seller.

Price: $6.76 (41 percent off MSRP)

Buy the What I Love About You Journal here.

2. Property of “NAME” Personalized Boxer Briefs

Property of NAME Personalized Boxer Briefs

Customized Girl

A great marriage of form and function. Form = you’re showing him in a very unique (and very personal) way that he’s very special. Function = these are undies and he needs undies. (If you’re so inclined to get him even more undies, check our list of the Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear: Top 10 Best Styles.) As for these undies, the black long-leg style boxer briefs (with a functional fly) are printed on the leg with “Property of” and when you order, you add your name to personalize the gift. The underwear are from Hanes while the customization is from Customized Girl. If he’s naughty, make him wear them out…on the outside of his pants. Kidding.

Price: $22.97

Buy the Personalized Boxer Briefs here.

3. My Heart will Guide You Home Pocket Compass

My Heart will Guide You Home Pocket Compass

Jim Clift Designs

This would be a great gift for men — especially if you give it to him before he heads out on a trip, or if the two of you are in a long distance relationship. The My Heart Will Guide You Home compass is heart shaped and made of pewter and it’s just a little bit bigger than a quarter. On one side it says “My Heart Will Guide You Home” and on the other side the compass is set into the heart. It’s pretty cool, actually. It comes in a velveteen pouch for safe keeping. Hand crafted in Rhode Island by Jim Clift Designs. Other reasons for this romantic gift for your husband (or whomever): maybe he’s in sales and he’s on the road a lot. Maybe he’s a musician and is always gigging from town to town. Heck, you could also give it to him if he’s a guy who’s always late getting home: just give him a wink and a smile and tell him you want to do whatever you can to help him get home on time and, hey, maybe the compass will help. (Make sure to emphasize the wink and smile.)

Price: $16.50

Buy the My Heart will Guide You Pocket Compass here.

4. You’re My Favorite Coffee Mug

you're my favorite mug

Define Design 11

This most def refers to the guy who’ll be drinking from the mug, not the fact that he likes coffee. The mug, from Amazon’s Handmade Shop, is by Define Design 11 out of Oregon. The 11 ounce mug is a simple white color and both sides of the mug feature the words “You Are My Favorite” with a tiny heart printed just below the writing. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and it comes shipped in a ready-to-gift gift box. A practical and a sentimental gift.

Price: $20

Buy the You’re My Favorite Coffee Mug here.

5. I’d Pick You Always & Forever Guitar Pick


Do not even think that the recipient of this gift for men has to be a guitar player. Sure, it’s a bonus if he is, because this is a real, working guitar pick. But when you give it as a romantic gift for your husband (or whomever), it’s just a nice little touch that he can carry around in his pocket or put it in his wallet or just have it on his nightstand. The pick is 1″x1.25″ in hand cut stainless steel. Please note: the seller, Hannay, says that the pick is imprinted with “I’d Pick You Every Time” but the only example shown is a pick with the words “I Pick You Always & Forever.” Either way, it works! If you really want to go heavy on this kind of sentimental gift, check out this set of six picks, each with a different lovey-dovey message on them. And, again, the pick does work for playing so if he is, in fact, a guitar player, give him the pick AND have him play you a love song with it.

Price: $9.99

Buy the “I’d Pick You Always & Forever” Guitar Pick here.

6. Bamboo XOXO Greeting Card

bamboo xoxo greeting card

Heartspace Cards

This certainly bumps the lovey dovey greeting card up a notch or two. This romantic gift is a standard greeting card sized…card…that’s made out of bamboo. The inside is paper so you can easily personalize your message. The bamboo portion features the hug-and-kiss symbols XOXO and a very stylized pair of red kissing lips. The paper inside also features similar imagery on the lower right and upper left, including the words “Kiss Me.” Each piece is slightly different because it is actual wood grain. This laser cut card also comes with a premium envelope.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Bamboo XOXO Greeting Card here.

7. Ambient Moon Light

ambient moon light


A great idea for the nightstand or next to his favorite chair or place to hang out. This Ambient Moon Light will…light up his life (sorry, for those of you who remember the Debbie Boone hit from the 1970s). Seriously, the light creates a beautiful atmosphere with the yellow glow and it has three levels of intensity. To turn it on, just touch the sculpture and with each touch you can adjust the amount of light. The round sculpture/light features a small double figurine sitting together, appearing as if they’re enjoying a romantic moment while watching the moon. The light housing itself is white and it’s 7.4″x8″x3.3″ in size and weighs 18.3 ounces. It comes with the light, a 5′ USB charging cable and a USB wall charger adaptor. It also includes two number kits and six decals that let you customize the piece with “We Still Do,” “Mr. & Mrs.” and “Love Never Fails.”

Price: $31.95

Buy the Ambient Moon Light here.

8. Heart Lock & Key Keychain Set

heart lock & key keychain set


A classic representation of love and a nice romantic gift: the symbolism of a heart that can only be unlocked by the holder of the key. This keychain set features two keychains: one is the heart symbol with a “keyhole” running vertically down the middle of the heart while the other key chain is an old fashioned skeleton key with a heart-like shape on one end. Made of a stainless steel zinc alloy and it comes in a gift box. If you do present him with this gift, and he ever ends up asking, “Honey, where are my keys?” then just take a moment and give him a nice, long, loving look and encourage him to find them — and quickly.

Price: $7.99

Buy the Heart Lock & Key Keychain Set here.

9. Happy Place Couple’s Pillowcases

happy place pillowcases

Define Design 11

You know those t-shirts that say “I’m with stupid” and they have an arrow on them? This is kind of like that, only in a much kinder, gentler and, perhaps, way more fun way. You will probably not find something quite like this in your search for a romantic gift. It’s gotta be romantic if the person you’re giving it to is the type to appreciate this pillowcase set. Which, when you really look at it, is actually a sentimental gift. One pillowcase says “This is my happy place” with an arrow pointing toward where the other pillowcase is positioned. The other pillowcase says “Next to you” and points the opposite way. The set is 100 percent cotton, 300 thread count from Define Design Eleven, from Oregon. It’s part of the Amazon Handmade collection. The size is standard/queen (20″x30″) and the cases are shipped in reusable pouches (for storage). Just think of the possibilities of where you can point that Happy Place pillow.

Price: $33

Buy the Happy Place Couple’s Pillowcases here.

10. StudStubs Love Vouchers

studstubs love vouchers


This one is, a) taken straight from the playbook of little kids who don’t know what to get someone for a gift so they give a coupon and, b) genius. To put it simply, this special gift for husband or friend is a pack of 3″x6″ cards that say things like “Nag-Free Stud’s Night Out,” “Exclusive Use of the Remote,” “Massage” and many more. A total of eight cards come with this set. While some of those sayings might not seem like the pinnacle of romance, given together it is a really cute gift that tells the guy you really care and want to do “stuff” for him. If you want to take it to a naughtier level, check out these “sex checks” which let the check writer write a check that the check writee needs to “cash.” Who says you can’t put a price on romance?

Price: $15.99

Buy the StudStubs Love Vouchers here.

11. Engraved I Love You Spoon

engraved i love you spoon

Boston Creative Company LLC

This is a nice little romantic gift for guys in and of itself, but it would really work well with the You’re My Favorite coffee mug. The spoon is a regular table spoon size and it’s engraved with the words “I Love You” and a small engraved heart. It’s stainless steel and would make a great little sentimental gift. Tell him he stirs your heart every time you see him, so you wanted to remind him of that.

Price: $14.99 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the I Love You Spoon here.

12. Personalized Aluminum Wallet Card

personalized aluminum wallet card

Frederick Engraving

This is a very solid little romantic gift that lets you customize exactly what you wanna say to your guy. It’s from Amazon’s Handmade Shop and it’s made by Frederick Engraving in California. You get up to 300 spaces to compose your message, so you can practically write a novella about your hero. The laser engraving is smooth and won’t wear off. The card is about the same size and thickness of a standard credit card. Can be ordered with engraving on both sides.

Price: $18.50

Buy the Personalized Aluminum Wallet Card here.

13. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

neck and back massager cushion


Giving a massage is a very selfless act: the massager does all the work and the massagee gets all the benefits. With this romantic gift, it is really selfless: he gets the massage even when you’re not there. The Zyllion Neck & Back Massager is, to put it simply, like a seat cover. You place it on virtually any chair or couch and the Zyllion is ready to get at his neck, upper back, lower back and the glutes. The rollers built into the massager can be set to either go up and down or in a circular motion (a’la shiatsu style). Plus, there’s a heating feature that can be used with or without the massage action. Has a 20 minute auto shut-off function for when he falls asleep…dreaming of you.

Price: $149.95

Buy the Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion here.

14. KindNotes Jar of Messages

kindnotes jar of messages


This comes from the category of the gift that keeps on giving. This sentimental gift from KindNotes is a glass jar that is full of 31 messages that give him “a daily dose of love.” Each message is individually enclosed in “specialty linen” cardstock envelopes, according to KindNotes, and “artistically arranged inside the jar for an impressive presentation.” Gives new meaning to the old “message in a bottle.”

Price: $34.95

Buy the KindNotes Jar of Messages here.

15. Inscribed Leather Desk Tray With St. Augustine Love Quote

inscribed leather desk tray

Twin Saints

This is a great gift for men because they can use it at the office, at home, wherever. The leather desk tray, which is handcrafted in the U.S., as a rich brown leather that is inscribed with the stamped quote from St. Augustine: “Love is the beauty of the soul.” It’s an obviously very sweet sentiment and this would make a great sentimental gift. The tray is 5″x1.5″x5″ and works for holding keys, coins, wallet, a guitar pick (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), smart phone — whatever.

Price: $46

Buy the Leather Desk Tray here.

16. Leather Journal Gift Set

leather journal gift set

Discerning Food and Travel

This leather journal with a pen is the kind of romantic gift that lets him know you value his deepest, most important thoughts. It’s not so much that you want him to tell you what’s going on in that adorable noggin of his, but that you know the value of him knowing those thoughts. The leather journal is premium buffalo leather that is soft enough to allow the journal to be rolled (it has straps to secure it like that). Comes with an antique-look gold pen and five bundles of premium thick cream paper (300 pages total).

Price: $44.98

Buy the Leather Journal Gift Set here.

17. I Wanna Cuttle You Mug

i wanna cuttle you mug


Sometimes you have to include a certain kind of gift in a gift idea list just because it’s the corniest gift out there. BUT. It is unique and kind of funny and he’ll probably really like having this at work so everyone will know he’s a romantic cuss (or he’ll like having it in the privacy of his own home). Certainly will get lots of “awwww’s” from anyone who sees this romantic gift. It’s a standard size (12 ounces), dishwasher and microwave safe mug with a cartoonish drawing of a cuttlefish and the words “I wanna cuttle you.” The design is on both sides of the mug. Maybe your guy is a seafaring type, so it’d be even more appropriate. Maybe he likes to eat cuttlefish. Maybe he just likes to cuddle. Whatever it is, make sure you follow through on what your sentimental gift tells him you wanna do.

Price: $10.01

Buy the I Wanna Cuttle You Mug here.

18. Relaxing Massage Oil

relaxing massage oil


A great corollary to item #13, but this one stands (or sits or lays) alone. This eight ounce bottle of detoxifying massage oil is comprised of four different oils:

* Lavender
* Almond
* Jojoba
* Bergamot

The U.S. based manufacturer, Honeydew, says that the almond and jojoba oils promote skin cell repair, while the lavender oil is known for its aromatherapy benefits for promoting relaxation. The bergamot, which is from the bergamot orange, features a great aroma. The oils are non-staining and FDA approved. It’s a very popular item with more than 130 customer reviews and a 4.3 out of five star average. This makes for a very affordable, very simple romantic gift that will get the massage-message across loud and relaxingly clear.

Price: $9.02

Buy the Relaxing Massage Oil here.

19. Personalized Framed Print over Ben Folds Lyrics “The Luckiest”

personalize print over ben folds lyrics

Just Print!

The singer Ben Folds’ song “The Luckiest” is all about being so lucky to have the other person in your life. By definition, it’s a romantic song and this is a romantic gift. The print is set in a modern typography design, according to Just Print, which produces this gift. You can customize and have your personalized words set over the top of part of the print. You get three lines, with 99 characters to each line. Chose from 20 different colors for your words. The print is finished in a 9.1″x9.1″ extra deep edged shadow box free-standing frame or a wall hanging frame. Perhaps you can have him sing this tune to you. Or hum it, at least.

Price: $33.90

Buy the Ben Folds song print here.

20. Personalized BBQ Grilling Set

personalized BBQ grilling set

My Personal Memories

We are willing to entertain the notion that a spatula, a giant fork and huge set of tongs are not intrinsically romantic. However, we most adamantly assert that a personalized gift is mos-def very special and, since it’s from you to him, it’s a romantic gift. This is a really terrific grilling set, with the aforementioned three utensils in a cushion-lined bamboo “briefcase” style box. The lid of the box can be personalized in a variety of ways. There are six different graphic designs you can choose from and you get 20 characters for the name on a separate line. Really, when you think about it, cooking and sharing a meal can be very romantic. Have him prepare a multi-course dinner for you with his new tools.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Personalized BBQ Grilling Set here.

21. Personalized Stationery Set

personalized stationery set

Curio Press

This romantic gift is meaningful because anything personalized shows that you went an extra step or two for your guy. These note cards come in a set of 12 cards and 12 envelopes. You can order up to 250, but the price goes up (obviously). The stationery set is made by Curio Press in Missouri and is part of Amazon’s Handmade Shop. The cards are white with a fish image and the recipient’s name at the top. You can choose between 48 swatches for the color of the fish and name. The envelopes can be white, natural kraft or beige. This is one of those really nice sets of cards, we think, because it comes on 100-pound coverstock. Have him write you a thank you note (including many declarations of his devotion to you).

Price: $15

Buy the Personalized Stationery Set here.

22. Fraser Fir Soy Candle

fraser fir soy candle

Pure Palette Scents

We will assert that this definitely qualifies as a romantic gift for men because guys don’t usually get candles but guys secretly or not-so-secretly dig candles. These candles, from Pure Paulette Scents, are scented with Fraser Fir, so they have what has, traditionally, been categorized as a “manly” scent. Think Christmas tree smell and you’ve pretty much got the olfactory picture of this gig. It’s a good looking candle, too: light creme colored, with two wicks, in a whisky glass jar. The candle, which is 3.25″ wide and 3.5 inches high, arrives in a very cool handmade round box.

Price: $17.55

Buy the Fraser Fir Soy Candle here.

23. To My Love Military Dog Tag Necklace for Men

dog tag necklace


By definition, military dog tags have a certain toughness to them, but this one has got the sweet engraving to put it into the romantic gifts category. The tag says “To my love/No matter where we are/No matter what happens/I will forever/And always/Be Yours/And only yours/You complete my heart/You are my everything/Love forever.” If that’s not romantic well then we don’t know what is. Stainless steel with a heavy weight to it, the tag is 1.93″x1.49″ and 0.7″ thick. The chain is 23.7″ but can be adjusted. Comes in a pouch and includes a gift card. When you give it to him, maybe you could get all romantic and say something about making love, not war, etc.

Price: $8.99

Buy the Military Dog Tag Necklace here.

24. Build More Memories Engraved Hammer

engraved hammer


This would work great as a unique “found object” type of art piece on a desk or dresser…or it would work great as a hammer! This is an Amazon’s Choice product. The engraving is on the wooden handle and it says “Let’s build more memories together.” Certainly a romantic gift for the guy who you’ve already built some great memories with. Have him build you something with the hammer because it’s a class, reliable rip hammer for framing and heavy jobs. Tell him he makes your heart pound.

Price: $29.90

Buy the Build More Memories Hammer here.

25. Personalized Pocket Knife

personalized pocket knife

Sugar Yeti

Another item that’s got long roots in the category of “masculine” products. This is a romantic gift because it’s not something a guy would get for himself. Once he sees that you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a personalized gift, he will love it. The knife, which is spring-assisted, is 3.25″ closed and 4.5″ when the stainless steel blade is open. The blade is coated with 3mm of thick grey ti-coating and handle is wood. A pocket clip is included. For personalization, you have a lot of options. You get two lines of 20 characters each line and you can choose from 12 fonts. Perhaps when you present this knife to him, you can sing a few bars from the Bryan Adams hit “Cuts Like a Knife” (but it feels so right).

Price: $18.95

Buy the Personalized Pocket Knife here.

26. Me Without You Book

me without you book


I’ll go on record as saying that my wife once bought me a book that appeared to be a children’s book. I mean, it was a children’s book, but it ended up being a very sweet gift. I don’t know, I guess I felt like she was saying “I know that you’re a sensitive person who would appreciate something cute and heartfelt like this.” The “Me Without You” book is the same situation and, therefore, makes a nice romantic gift for men. It is drawn with simple cartoons and each page feature short, rhyming sentences — all of which get back to the idea that being without your significant other is like “sky without blue,” etc. This is a hardcover book, 96 pages. The authors, Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, live with their children in Marin County, California. It gets great reviews — more than 700 of them with a 4.7 out of 5-star rating average. And it’s a great price.

Price: $3.48 (65 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Me Without You Book here.

27. Wuthering Heights and Other Bronte Works

boxed set of four bronte novels


If you want to talk about books that are romantic and a special gift for husband (or any guy), look no further than the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. The novel is actually one of four novels by the Bronte sisters that are included in this boxed set.

* Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte
* Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte
* Villette, Charlotte Bronte
* The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne Bronte

Of course, Jane Eyre may be the most famous of the four books, but we pretty much will put all our chips on sis Emily’s amazing novel as the one that is the most passionate. It’s a classic Victorian work that has more than stood the test of time. It’s about Catherine and Heathcliff, a man and a woman who are desperately in love. I loved this novel when I first read it. It is an amazing work, especially when you consider it was written in 1846 by a 29 year old woman who, sadly, died the following year. This beautiful boxed set is illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

Price: $57.35

Buy Wuthering Heights and Other Bronte Works here.

28. Double Frame For Poem & Picture

double frame for poem and picture

Heart Gifts

This is definitely a can’t miss romantic gift for men. It’s a beautiful double frame that holds a 4″x6″ photo in once side and the other side comes with a lovely poem already inside it. The poem, “Only You,” is a fourteen line work that includes the lines “My heart knows/We are two halves of one whole.” When he gets the gift, and it has a beautiful picture of you (or the two of you) coupled with this poem, you will have this guy eating out of your hand. The silver colored frame is polished to a very shiny tone and features beveled edging, a glass front and a velvet backing. The frame comes in a box that features a gold label on it that reads “I love you.”

Price: $29.95

Buy the Double Frame here.

29. Love Quote on Print of Original Art

Love quote print on a map


This piece is from Amazon Handmade and it’s from Paintspiration out of Pennsylvania. The artwork is a print from an original. The art is a faded road map that has hand lettering over the top that says “hold my hand & I’ll go anywhere with you.” Each print, which is 8″x10″, has a 1/2″ border all around it so it’s suitable for matting and/or framing. The paper is high quality archival matte paper and the piece ships in a mailing tube (it doesn’t come frame and doesn’t include a frame). Once you give this to the receiver of this romantic gift for men, tell him to take you somewhere nice.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Love Quote on Print here.

30. You & Me Frame

You and me picture frame

Malden International Designs

We don’t want to tell you your business, but we’re saving this one for last because it’s going to require you to get a photo of yourself, or one of you and your guy, and put it in this frame before you present it to hisself. This one is last but definitely not least because the absolute best thing you can give that guy is a picture of yourself in a really great looking frame. This holds a 4″x6″ photo and the frame is black while the words “You & Me” are in a contrasting lighter font. The frame can either be used as a stand up or hung on the wall. This is an Amazon’s Choice item (very popular) and I will tell you unequivocally that I would love to get this gift from my wife. With either of our two dogs in the frame. I KID!

Price: $12

Buy the You & Me Frame here.

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