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35 Best Gifts for True Japanophiles

If you’re looking for the best Japanese gift ideas, our gift guide is here to help. We’ve focused on cool and unexpected gifts for your favorite Shinichi (Japanophile) that you may not have thought of by yourself.

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How to Wrap Gifts Japanese-Style

Anyone who has visited a Japanese department store before has probably seen the employees use this unconventional diagonal wrapping technique, which is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Using this technique is a great way to enhance a gift for someone with a deep appreciation for Japanese culture.

The technique is actually fairly simple, but rather than try to explain its steps, I'll leave that to the experts at Better Homes & Gardens. After all, they taught me with this helpful article.

You can use any kind of paper for this wrapping technique. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of extra to work with if it is your first try.