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35 Best Funny Christmas Ornaments

Whether you’re amused by raunchy ornaments, pop culture ornaments, or clever Christmas tree ornaments, there’s something on our list that’ll look great on your tree this year. They make great gifts for best friends, family members, co-workers, and anyone who appreciates a good laugh. Here’s the carefully selected list of our favorite ornaments for the holidays.

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What Are Some Funny Christmas Ornaments for Friends?

Good friends make each other laugh, and if you want to be a good friend, we have tons of funny ornaments that will leave them howling with laughter.

Funny ornaments can entertain the kids, or add some laughs to an adults-only Christmas party. You can't have a merry Christmas without laughter.

Are There Any Funny and Unique Christmas Ornaments?

The best Christmas trees are the ones with unique, funny ornaments. We love it when a Christmas tree really expresses the personality of the homeowner, and showcases their unique sense of humor.

While funny Christmas tree ornaments aren't for everyone, those who opt for these off-beat ornaments are bound to get lots of compliments and laughs from their Christmas guests.