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101 Handyman Gifts He’ll Actually Use

We all have one in our lives: that guy who can’t get enough time to work on projects in the shop. He might be your dad, an uncle, or a great next-door neighbor. That guy is always on the lookout for things to build, fix, or turn up to eleven. Whether his workspace is in the basement or garage, he knows that sawdust is man glitter.

You might think these handymen have every tool and gadget ever known but don’t just settle on a six-pack of beer and a thank-you note; there will always be a cool gift to give them. There will definitely be something guaranteed to sharpen their saw blades on our list of 101 Handyman Gifts He’ll Actually Use.

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What Can I Get A Handyman That Has Everything?

First off, there are so many great things including tools, gadgets, and electronics with more coming out every single year that there is no possible way your handyman has everything. But I know where you're coming from: my dad-in-law has two shops and a garage full of tools both large and small and if he ever does need something, he just goes out and buys it himself. The absolute nerve of that guy.

The good news here is that "handyman" covers a lot of ground. Electrical, automotive, woodworking, metal, and landscaping are just a few of the possible disciplines that have some incredible gadgets designed to help get more work done faster. There's bound to be some special bit of hardware that even he hasn't heard about yet.

Most of the time it doesn't even matter if he actually needs more toolbox inventory or not. The fun lies in the fact that your gift is unique and fun, plus it was given by you so that makes everything that more special. With any luck, your gift will make him realize how much he needed that particular doo-dad and never knew it.

Should I Give My Handyman Tools, Gadgets, Clothes, or Something Else?

Let me clue you in on a little secret: a handyman never stops working. There will always be something he's going to tinker, plan, build, or experiment with. That means there will forever be something to pique his interest and there will be a gift available to support that interest.

There might be something that he's always wanted but doesn't really need like maybe a portable generator; it won't get used that often but it will be something to mess and have fun with. And if the power does go out, then he'll be ready to turn the lights back on.

Clothing gifts for a handyman are always nice as long as they fit and are useful. Waxed aprons for woodworkers or heated jackets for guys that have to work outside can be excellent and much appreciated. Try to avoid t-shirts with cutesy sayings. They're not cutesy people.

Here's another secret about a handyman: they'll almost always enjoy being asked about what gift you're thinking of giving. You'll get the right thing and they won't have to deal with taking it back. Taking back a gift is a real drag.

Gadgets can be fun, too. But if you're going in that direction, make sure the gadget is of some decent quality. No one wants another foreign piece of junk that might work for a few hours then languish in the junk drawer for a decade.

Okay, I'll tell you one more secret about a guy who really does have everything but that's it, you're on your own after this one. If he really, really does own everything and you're on the ropes coming up with a good gift? Food and beverages work. Every. Single. Time. Choice steaks ready for the grill? Yes, please. 

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