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15 Best Masonic Gifts: The Ultimate List

The Freemasons are the largest fraternal order in the world. They are also, arguably, the most famous. Though their traditions are somewhat secretive, there is no need for a mason to hide their identity. On the contrary, any brother will be honored to represent the Order with a subtle decoration or accessory. These are our picks for the best Masonic gifts you can give on any special occasion.

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Other Freemason Gift Options

While we have listed a variety of solid gift options, you should note that you are taking a risk when you buy something related to the lodge when you yourself aren't a part of the fraternal order. While a piece of masonic memorabilia is an appropriate gift to give to a fellow mason, it can convey the wrong meaning when it comes from a nonmember. Imagine gifting them an award of merit before they achieve the appropriate rank with which it is traditionally associated.

If, however, you have a genuine interest in the order, then do some homework by reading the history of Freemasonry and you may end up with a solid gift.

Otherwise, you can always fall back on some of our more generic gift lists for guys. After all, everyone loves a useful gift, and the same goes for pizza-related gifts too.