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10 Best Body Fat Scales: Your Easy Buying Guide

Many of today’s body fat scales measure much more than just your body weight. Instead of just seeing your weight when you step on the scale, a body fat scale often shows your total body mass index, bone and muscle mass, body weight, and more. Setting up the scales is simple, as most just require a smartphone. Maybe your idea of the best body fat scale is one that provides full-body composition, or that gives you the basics while remaining affordable. Here are our top picks for the best body fat scale in 2022:

What Are the Best Body Fat Scales Available in 2019?

body fat scale Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Stores data for multiple users
  • Over 10 health measurements
  • Auto calibration
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body fat scale Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Automatically stores data
  • Backlit display
  • Instant readings
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  • Extra-large display
  • Tracks up to 16 users
  • Bluetooth 4.0
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  • Syncs automatically
  • Customized food plans available
  • Sets up easily via Bluetooth
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body fat scale Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Doesn't require phone to weigh
  • Personalized customer service
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  • LCD display
  • Stores memory up to 90 days
  • On/off switch
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smart scale Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Display visible at night
  • Sets up with a smartphone
  • Measures various metrics
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  • Automatic user detection
  • Large LED display
  • Smart feedback mode
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  • Nutrition tracking
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Bluetooth technology
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  • Compact design
  • LED display
  • Several precision sensors
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

    • Tracks several different metrics
    • Backlit LED display
    • Affordable
    • Some wish the accompanying app was better
    • A few mention slight fluctuations in weight readings
    • Only comes in one color

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a body fat scale that comes with many features and delivers accurate results. The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale lets you keep track of body fat, bone mass, BMI, muscle mass, fat-free body weight, body age and more, and displays the information on the backlit LED display. It’s also suitable for families, as you can store data and information for an unlimited number of users. The scale works even when it’s not directly connected via Bluetooth, and will send data to your phone as soon as it’s connected again.


  2. 2. EatSmart Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

    • Calculates body fat and water percentage along with bone and muscle mass
    • Stores up to eight user profiles
    • Large 3.5-inch LCD display
    • Lacks WiFi connectivity
    • Doesn’t include a compatible app
    • Can’t store measurements by day

    Measuring functions include total body and water fat percentage along with the percentage of bone and muscle mass. Auto recognition technology stores personal profiles and data for up to eight different users and can recognize each individual as he or she steps onto the scale. Step onto the scale in bare feet then provide your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level. From there the scale will provide precise measurements. This scale measures up to 400 pounds and has a large 3.5-inch LCD display with a white backlight for easy reading. It’s also automatically calibrated and doesn’t require tapping to power on. Other highlights include auto power-off and four included AAA batteries.


  3. 3. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

    • Includes weight loss app
    • 10 precision measurements
    • Takes just seconds to set up
    • App can’t be paired with many other popular health apps
    • History isn’t tracked on app
    • Some complain of inconsistent weight measurements n

    This body fat scale is also a body composition monitor, meaning that it offers a bit more than most competitors. The scale tracks body fat, weight, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, hydration levels, age, and more to give you a comprehensive overview of your health and fitness level. A weight loss app is included and only requires you to sync your weight profile to get started. Another highlight is weight tracking management for up to 16 individuals. You also don’t need to have your phone handy to weigh yourself. This scale comes with smart-step technology and an easily visible LCD display. It also has wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The scale can measure up to 396.8 pounds.

  4. 4. Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale

    • Easy to set up
    • Comes in two colors
    • Supports up to eight users
    • A bit pricey
    • Connectivity issues are a relatively common complaint
    • Some find the surface slippery with socks

    The Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale quickly and efficiently syncs your health data using built-in Bluetooth. The result is that your BMI, weight, body fat and lean mass are all sent right to the Fitbit dashboard for added convenience. Aria 2 can also recognize up to eight different users. Set up only takes a few minutes using the quick start guide and your phone’s Bluetooth connection. This scale comes in black and white, and features a stylish polished glass surface. The weight limit for this scale is 400 pounds.


  5. 5. Weight Gurus Smart Body Fat Scale

    • Compatible with popular apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health
    • Stores results in accompanying app
    • Automatically detects up to eight users
    • Can struggle to distinguish between users of a similar weight
    • A few mention frequent connectivity issues, especially when in the first few uses
    • Not recommended for those who are pregnant or who have pacemakers

    Weight Gurus designed the Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale to provide accurate measurements with the added convenience of Bluetooth technology. Along with body fat and BMI, the scale keeps track of bone mass, muscle mass and water weight. Results are sent to the accompanying Weight Gurus app, which is compatible with Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health apps. The large backlit screen makes it easy to see your results. Other features include auto detection for up to eight users, non-slip feet and a tempered glass surface.


  6. 6. Omron Body Composition Monitor

    • Full body sensing
    • Hand sensor with retractable cord
    • Stores up to four user profiles
    • Sensitive to location and tilt
    • Doesn’t store user statistics
    • Some complain of inconsistent readings

    Full body sensing ensures more accurate results by taking measurements via hand to foot calculations, which can reduce water movement influence on the results. Aside from body fat percentage, this body fat scale measures your BMI, visceral fat, weight, skeletal muscle and more, for a total of seven fitness indicators. An electrical signal is sent throughout the body, from your arms to your feet, to calculate your total body water. A hand sensor is also included for more accurate results and features a retractable cord for taller users. You can pre-program up to four separate user profiles. This scale has a large LCD display and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.


  7. 7. Garmin Index Smart Scale

    • Offers several advanced metrics
    • Extra-large display
    • Supports up to 16 users
    • Some find it a bit large/clunky
    • Currently lacks integration with third parties
    • A few complain of WiFi/connectivity issues, especially during setup

    The Garmin Index Smart Scale is a WiFi-connected scale that measures BMI, weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat and water percentage. It also recognizes up to 16 users, which is double the amount of most competing body fat scales. Your info is wirelessly synced to Garmin Connect, where you can also keep track of data from other Garmin wearables you might own.


  8. 8. QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale

    • Rechargeable battery with included micro USB cable
    • Safe for pregnant women and those with pacemakers
    • Offers physique assessment
    • Requires Bluetooth 4.0
    • Can’t download results to accompanying app
    • A handful find it complicated to set up

    In contrast to most body fat scales on the market, which use AA or AAA batteries, the QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale features a rechargeable battery that can last up to a year despite frequent use. A micro USB cable is included for recharging. When you step on the scale you’ll be able to see your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and bone and water composition. This scale is also safe for pregnant women, and even has a pregnancy mode for tracking weekly progress. As an added bonus, users with a pace maker can safely use the scale in weight only mode. Other features include a tempered glass housing, LED display and the ability to recognize multiple users. A distinctive smart feedback mode displays information is smileys rather than numbers.


  9. 9. Nokia Body+ Composition Scale

    • Automatically records data for up to eight users
    • Offers personalized coaching
    • More affordable than many competitors
    • Those with pacemakers need to manually disable all readings aside from weight
    • Some wish the Nokia health app was more advanced
    • Lacks a color display

    This body fat composition scale is designed with accuracy and precision in mind, and provides your weight, water percentage, and fat, muscle and bone mass. The accompanying app also acts as a personal coach, and will reward you when you’ve reached a personal goal. All data is automatically recorded. This scale recognized up to eight users at a time. Other features include nutrition tracking and a daily local weather forecast.


  10. 10. 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

    • Android and iOS compatible
    • Step-on technology
    • Durable tempered glass surface
    • Not recommended for pregnant women or those with pacemakers or other medical implants
    • Feet should be damp or moist for optimal results
    • Basic app

    The 1byone Bluetooth Body Fat Scale features an Android and iOS compatible app. The digital scale displays your weight along with water percentage, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat. Unlike some other scales, which require a tap or press of a button to turn on, all you need to do is step onto the scale for instant readings. As an added bonus, it also automatically recognizes up to 10 different users.