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Ruggable is a company that redesigned the area rug for modern living. Ruggable isn’t a traditional area rug. It’s a two-piece rug system that consists of a rug pad and a rug cover or topper. The cover is the decorative part. The rug bad is made from the same material that yoga mats are made from and like yoga mats they are non-slip and non-skid. You don’t need to use a traditional rug pad to keep your Ruggable in place.

Instead of buying a traditional area rug and a pad to keep it in place when you purchase a Ruggable, you buy a rug pad in the size that fits your space and then you choose the decorative cover that you want to put over it. And the rug covers are machine washable. An area rug that you can wash is revolutionary when it comes to floor coverings. Now you don’t have to waste money on traditional rugs that need to be replaced every year or so because they are dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ruggable

Now that you know what Ruggable is and how it works here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Ruggable and the answers that will tell you everything you need to know about Ruggable:

Are Ruggable Rugs Returnable?

In most circumstances, you can return a Ruggable rug if you’re not happy with it. The official Ruggable return policy is:

“Any items purchased from can be returned for a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee* per item) or exchanged within 30 days of the delivery date. See additional information on exchanges here. To receive a full refund, the original item MUST be in new condition and returned without:

  • Pet dander or fur
  • Dirt or grass stains
  • Signs of wear, washing, or improper care
  • Damage or stains

All returned items are thoroughly inspected, and any item(s) returned in a condition deemed as no longer sellable will not be refunded. Note: Returned item(s) must be shipped back in the original packaging or similar packaging that will prevent item(s) from damage while in transport.  *At this time, we are only able to provide return labels for customers residing in the US. Customers residing outside the US are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own return shipping labels. “ –

If you have a question about a return that isn’t answered by their official return policy the best thing to do is call Ruggable customer service to ask your specific question.

What are Ruggable Rugs Made of?

Ruggable rug covers are made from polyester and in some cases a mix of polyester and acrylic. They are available in several styles ranging from a thin standard style rug to a jute textured rug and a thick and soft shag style. The rug pad is made from a thick 100% recycled polyester surface and a thermoplastic rubber bottom that will keep the rug in place. Ruggable rug pads are totally fine to use on hardwood floors and any other type of floor surface. They won’t damage your floors.

Are Ruggable Pads Washable?

The only washable part of the Ruggable system is the polyester rug cover. The rug cover can be washed the same way that you would wash a blanket in a washing machine. The rug pads that go underneath the rug covers should be spot cleaned only.  Because they are similar in texture to a yoga mat you can wipe them down or use a safe non-toxic cleaner to clean up any areas that get soiled.

ruggable machine wash


How Often Should You Wash Your Ruggable Rug?

You can wash your Ruggable rug cover whenever it’s dirty. Most people like to wash their rug covers on a regular basis but you can also wash them if they become stained as the result of a spill or a pet accident. If you follow the suggestions for washing the rug cover it shouldn’t fade, run, or look worn after washing. Make sure that you wash it according to the instructions and never use any soap that isn’t recommended for cleaning the rug cover. You can wash the rug pad anytime it becomes soiled by spot cleaning it with a safe cleaner and a rag or paper towels.

Are there Any Ruggable Pad Alternatives?

All of the Ruggable rug covers are designed to be used only with the Ruggable rug pad. They can’t be used with any other types of pads or without a pad. If you don’t use the Ruggable pad with the rug cover the rug cover may slip and slide on the floor. The rug cover also may not fit another pad the way it should because it’s designed to fit perfectly with the Ruggable pad. When you buy a Ruggable rug cover online a matching rug pad will automatically be added to your cart to ensure that you are getting the right rug pad for your rug cover. If you already have a rug pad and are buying just a new cover you can remove the rug pad from the cart before purchasing the cover.

Where Are Ruggable Rugs Sold?

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For the best selection of Ruggable rug covers and rug pads, it’s best to shop online on the Ruggable website. But you can also buy Ruggable rug covers and pads at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl’s.

Can Ruggable Rugs Be Used on Wood Floors?

Yes! Ruggable rugs are perfect for hardwood floors because the backing of the rug pad isn’t sticky or abrasive and it won’t damage hardwood floors. Ruggable rugs can even be used on heated floors, although it’s always a good idea to check with the floor manufacturer before putting a Ruggable down on a heated floor just to be sure.

Can Ruggable Rugs Be Used Outdoors?

There is a wide variety of Ruggable rug covers that are specifically made to be used outdoors. Just use them with a regular Ruggable pad and they will made any outdoor space more comfortable. Outdoor Ruggable rug covers are specially treated to resist fading from the sun and damage from bad weather. Ruggable outdoor rug covers are water-resistant and will resist mold and mildew as well. Rain shouldn’t damage them. But since the rug covers are washable it’s a good idea to wash them after a soaking rain. If you live in a snowy climate you should wash and store the rug cover until the weather warms up or use your outdoor Ruggable rug indoors for the winter.

Why Are Ruggable Rugs So Expensive?

Many people have a little sticker shock when they see the prices of Ruggable rugs. However, it’s important to remember that the reason why traditional area rugs are cheap is that they get ruined very quickly and you need to spend more money to replace them. Ruggables are not cheap rugs that need frequent replacing. When you buy a Ruggable rug you are investing in a high-quality rug system that you can use for years. Ruggable rugs can last for decades if you take care of them. They cost a little more upfront but save you money over time.

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