Tineco Pure ONE Station Vacuum Review

tineco pure one

If you’re on the hunt for a vacuum cleaner that brings not just the brawn, but also the brains and beauty, then you’ve gotta hear about the Tineco Pure One Station Vacuum. It’s a premium vacuum that eliminates the need for emptying after every cleaning session – it does it all automatically! I have been testing the Tineco Pure One Station for over a month, and if you’re wondering if it’s worth the high price tag of $799, read my review below.

(A Tineco Pure One Station review unit was provided for an honest review)

Sleek, Modern, and Aesthetically Pleasing

Right from the get-go, let’s talk aesthetics. I mean, this vacuum could be a centerpiece in your living room. The Tineco ONE Station is just gorgeous with its ultra-sleek and modern design. It’s not just a vacuum; it’s practically a work of art.

Maneuverability is key when you’re darting around furniture, and this vacuum is a ninja. It’s ultra-lightweight, weighing only seven pounds! Yeah, you heard me, seven pounds. Forget breaking a sweat; this thing is so light, you’ll be air guitaring with it instead of cleaning.

tineco pure one vacuum review

The Tineco Pure Station with all of its attachments.

iLoop Sensor and Smart Suction

So, let’s talk tech. This baby comes with a built-in iLoop sensor that smartly adjusts suction power based on the dirt level. My old Dyson V8 was good, but the Tineco ONE Station’s powerful suction combined with smart tech made an immediate difference, especially on my dog-hair-ridden rugs.

Tineco promises a self-emptying bin that you won’t have to deal with for up to 60 days. My experience says otherwise thanks to my two furry corgi friends. It doesn’t quite hold up for 60 days – more like two weeks. Still, that means you don’t have to empty the chamber for 14 days, which is a welcome change in comparison to other vacuums on the market. The station holds up to 4 liters of dirt, and it auto-seals the dirt for a hygienic disposal, which is pretty rad. I’d imagine that if you had only one pooch the 14 days would be extended dramatically.

4 Stage Filtration

The PureCyclone tech includes a 4-stage filtration system that clean freaks like myself are going to love. It starts with the main cyclone that separates larger particles. Then, step two is a mesh filter to block hairs and dust. Step 3 is the PureCyclone that separates more air and dust. Stage 4 is the HEPA filter that filters out 0.3-micron dust and emits purified air.

Versatility and Attachments Galore

And let’s not overlook the mini power brush. It has a V-shaped bristle design for deep cleaning, making my couches and upholstery look and feel cleaner than they have in ages.

From the crevice tool to the 2-in-1 dusting brush, this vacuum is fully loaded. Whether you’re tackling hardwood floors, carpets, or tight spaces, the Tineco ONE Station has got you covered.

The FurFree Kit is interesting. It’s designed as a pet grooming tool that’s meant to brush and vacuum your dog. Great concept, though my noise-averse corgis weren’t having it. Still, the attachment is a cool add-on if your pets are a bit braver than mine.

The LED headlights are also welcome. These super-bright LEDs helps you see every bit of dirt, dust, and in my case, corgi hair, that’s lurking in those hard-to-see spots. It will absolutely call you out, letting you know that your floor is NOT nearly as spotless as you think it is.

Final Thoughts

The Tineco ONE Station is a versatile, high-tech, ultra-light cleaning machine. If you’re after a vacuum that can handle pet hair like a pro, illuminate your path, and even self-clean, then this is the vacuum you’ve been waiting for. While its self-clean chamber doesn’t quite let you go 60 days without emptying it, it still allows you to be somewhat lazy on that front. If you’re looking for a premium vacuum that also looks the part the Tineco PURE ONE Station should be right up your alley.

  • Sleek, Modern Look
  • No bin emptying for at least 14 days. Results will vary based on how much pet hair your home produces.
  • Super Lightweight
  • Attachments Galore
  • Great LED headlights
  • Premium Price
  • Small vacuum head
  • Tineco claims 60 days without emptying; it was 14 days for me.

Our Review: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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