Mother’s Day Rings: Top 10 Best Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away and if you haven’t bagged the perfect gift for Mom yet, we’ve got you covered. Whether your mom likes white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold we’ve selected timeless options that will fit any style. The design, stones, and metals used to create rings can carry meaning, but also how and where you wear your ring has symbolism. The most commonly known is the left ring finger, which for Western women symbolizes that she’s married. The belief behind that is that the vein travels directly from the left ring finger to the heart. This is a belief that took hold in Roman times and is still ubiquitous today. A pinky ring is also typically reserved for rings that signify a specific degree. When shopping for a family member or your mom specifically, all other fingers are fair game. Any of these rings are a great way to show Mom just how much she means to you. Happy shopping!

1. 14k Yellow Gold Infinity Ring

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This is a slim and sleek infinity design ring in brightly polished and electronically tested 14k yellow gold. This beautiful ring features the revered infinity symbol, set horizontally on the slim band, making it appear graceful and alluring. The infinity symbol measures 0.45 inches at the largest width, a beautiful eye-catching size that won’t hinder your day to day activities. This ring comes in a finger size 7. The infinity symbol resembles a figure eight, which is never-ending in design, with two curves on each end, crossing in the middle. Originally known and used as a mathematical and psychics symbol which represents infinity, or endless. In mathematics, it is considered a number. In modern esoteric systems, the infinity sign is known as the ouroboros, which is a symbol of the snake eating its’ head. This image is said to also represent the infinite.

Price: $73.85

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2. 14k Gold Open Heart Ring

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If your mom likes elegant, classic jewelry, this is the one for her. This Amazon Collection, open heart-shaped ring comes in 14k white gold (pictured), rose gold, or yellow gold finish. The open heart design has a few meanings. The first is the general notion of love. It can be romantic love or love shared between family members. The second meaning is fertility. Women who are in the process of trying to conceive may wear the open heart as a symbol of luck. The third meaning has been defined by actress and jewelry designer Jane Seymour who created her own line of open heart jewelry recently and says that her open heart symbol means, “you have to keep your heart open to give and receive love”.  No matter the meaning, this is a beautiful gift for any mom in your life.

Price: $92.17 – $129.23

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3. Sterling Silver Diamond Stackable Ring

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In the words of Drake, “I know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing”. This gorgeous sparkly band is a great gift for any momma who loves a little touch of bling. This band will be great on its own or stacked with other sterling silver, white gold, or platinum bands. This band is sterling silver with round diamonds in a square border around the full perimeter. All Amazon Collection diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process which means they are conflict free. So if you mom likes a little bit of bling but with a clean conscience, you can’t go wrong with this ring.

Price: $85.25 -$85.28

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4. 14k Rose Gold Plated Stacked Ring

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This ring is a real show stopper! Made of 14k rose gold-plated 925 sterling silver and the best quality cubic zirconia, your mom is sure to be impressed by this choice. The gorgeous pink tones will look good on anyone. The stacked look makes this ring extra special and something that Mom can wear for everyday or special occasions. If your mom likes to have all eyes on her and has a bold, bright style, this is the ring for her. Lavish makes this and other blingy creations that you can check out here.

Price: $69.99

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5. ALEX AND ANI Arrow Ring

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ALEX AND ANI are famous for their wire charm bracelets but have recently expanded their products with these rings. The arrow represents protection from harm and is a symbol of movement or direction. This ring comes in gold and rose gold finishes. Both finishes are 14k gold-plated sterling silver and adjust to fit sizes 5 to 7. ALEX AND ANI is a brand with a lot of meaning and stands for sustainable design. They proudly make their jewelry in the USA. If your mom loves classic or bohemian style this is a great ring for her. She can wear it alone or with a stack of other rings. You can check out more ALEX AND ANI here.

Price: $28

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6. 14k Gold Love Ring

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All you need is love! This “love” ring is a really sweet way to share your appreciation for Mom this Mother’s Day. Personalized or script jewelry is on trend right now and makes for a great stack collection. The ring is 14k gold and weighs 1.2 grams. This is the kind of piece that you can keep for a lifetime. You can wear this as an everyday piece or add it to any special occasion outfit. If your mom has classic taste this is the perfect ring for her. The clean lines and timeless message are both elements that make this a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Price: $98.49 – $113.51

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7. Vintage Style Diamond Band

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This diamond statement ring is guaranteed to impress Mom. The unique vintage design is really special and something she will treasure for a lifetime. This band has 1.5 carats of diamonds and 30 stones in total. The diamonds are  HI in color and I2-I3 for clarity. The setting is rhodium plated sterling silver. The same ring is available with blue, white, or black diamonds. If your mom loves vintage style this is a great ring for her. This can be a great special occasion ring and really makes a statement. This is the kind of piece that you can wear for a lifetime then hand down to your daughter. This is a really special choice to show Mom how much you care this Mother’s Day.

Price: $199

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8. 18k Rose Gold Diamond Knuckle Ring

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This super cool knuckle ring has 13 round cut diamonds around the band and has a fine polished finish. Although 13 is considered to be an unlucky number by Western society, many cultures around the world actually consider it to be sacred. The Aztecs, for example, consider it to be a very sacred number that symbolizes completion and there are 13 days in a week. This ring comes with a free luxury gift box, so is ready to give Mom right away. The ring is made in the USA and shipped directly from the manufacturer. The total weight is 0.03 carats. The sizing goes from 4 to 12 so you can wear this as knuckle ring, as suggested, wear it alone, or add it to a stack. Either way, the stunning pink shade looks beautiful with so many skin tones and is an unexpected way to wear diamonds. If your mom is a just a little bit cooler than the other mom’s getting her a diamond studded knuckle ring is definitely the right choice. If she’s more conservative but still a fan of rose gold, the full sized ring is a really classic choice that you won’t regret.

Price: $134.99

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9. Kendra Scott Ring Set

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(Kendra Scott)

This fun stack of gold-plated 14k brass rings is a gift for any bright and colorful mom. The variety of stones is a beautiful mix that includes White Kyocera Opal, Matte Dichroic Glass, Rock Crystal over Dichroic Glass and Ivory Mother of Pearl. It is approximately 0.81 inch wide stacked and 0.53 inch long by 0.22 inch wide. Stacking and mixing stones are two huge jewelry trends, and this piece includes both. The ring comes in a gift box with the signature Kendra Scott medallion fabric bag. Check out more of Kendra Scott’s gorgeous designs here.

Price: $125

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10. Silpada Silver Divide Ring

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This chunky sterling silver ring wraps around your finger to make a powerful statement, meeting in the middle to keep your look diverse and fresh. This signature 925 sterling silver metal is known amongst jewelry wearers for its strength, brightness, shine, and decreased risks of allergic reactions and tarnish residue on skin. The width of the ring is 0.88 inches. To properly care for 925 sterling silver make sure you remove it before putting on any lotion, hairspray, or other beauty products. This will ensure that your ring will maintain its shine and color for a lifetime. This ring is perfect for any mom who loves to make a bold statement and possibly even has a bit of a bohemian edge to her.

Price: $69 (12 percent off MSRP)

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