10 Best LED Poi for Any Budget

best LED Poi


So, you’re interested in purchasing a set of LED poi. Perhaps this is your first time to the flow toy dance. Flow toys consist of many apparatuses, such as hoops, whips, staffs, and more. Poi, of course, will be our focus today.

If your ultimate goal is to head to a festival, and show off your new skills, you’ll want to make sure all of your gear is in order. So before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you check out these essentials. Your campsite is important, too, so be sure you’re set with camping chairs, a table, and a proper camping kitchen.

Additionally, you’ll want to match your new LED poi with a sweet outfit. There are plenty of 420-related clothing ideas, like socks, and hoodies. But there are tons of other options like men’s-specific and women’s-specific festival clothing, as well as onesies. Heck, you might even want to give some light up shoes a go, too.

Poi is the art of performing flow with tethered weights. The practice originated with the Maori people of New Zealand, where it’s still done today. It’s spread worldwide, which has lead to significant changes in style and material.

While many think of poi as a tear-shaped or spherical ball attached to a tether, there’s no strict definition with regard to shape. Tear-shaped and spherical are very common, however, you may also encounter long cylindrical ones, helices, weights with extra fabric, and more.

As far as material goes, poi can be made of just about anything. Common practice sets are made of socks and a weight. You may have seen fire poi as a part of a performance. There’s a possibility you’ve also encountered rubber, crocheted with weights, and other durable materials. In this piece, though, we’re going to specifically focus on LED poi, or poi that lights up.

Before diving into anything, there are a few things you want to ask yourself. First, have you ever spun poi, and if so, do you know your preferred weight? Second, do you have color or pattern preferences? Third, do you need a special length? And lastly, what’s your budget?

Budgeting for your flow toys is a necessary evil. Yes, you could drop a nice chunk of your paycheck on a sick set of poi. But, be realistic about how much you can spend. Nobody wants to eat rice for a week because they overspent.

Additionally, like almost anything on earth, the more expensive something is, the more choices you (generally) have, and the higher the quality. So, keep that in mind when you’re purchasing LED poi. You wouldn’t expect a Cadillac at a Kia price. Set your expectations accordingly.

No need to wonder where to buy poi. This list is broken down by budget, with the most budget-friendly LED poi in the first slot, and the most expensive in the last slot. Each has been vetted to find the best for each tier.

Get ready to get your flow on, with these top 10 best LED poi.

1. Best LED Poi Under $15

best led poi


Look, there’s no reason to spend a ton of money on something you’re unsure of. Maybe you’re interested in LED poi strictly from a curiosity standpoint. Or, you think your buddy would enjoy them, but aren’t willing to spend a ton to find out. Well, those are perfectly valid reasons to purchase a cheap set of LED poi. So, you may want to consider the Festival Gear Poi Balls.

These bad boys are made with super durable straps, and metal swivel hardware. That means your kit won’t get tangled randomly. The balls themselves are made with a soft, flexible silicone material. So, if you smack yourself in the face (which you will), they won’t actually hurt you. Although, it might sting a bit. The balls measure three-inches in-diameter, and come with batteries.

As far as the lights go, choose from an impressive eight different colors. Moreover, there are an incredible six glow settings, including solid colors, fade, and flashing. The lights last around three-hours with the included batteries. So if you’re on the fence about LED poi, just take the plunge–you’ll be happy you did.

Price: $13.73

Buy the Festival Gear Poi Balls here.


  • Phenomenal price for LED poi
  • Balls made from soft silicone material – won’t hurt on impact
  • Batteries are included
  • Choose from eight colors, and six modes


  • Only last three hours with the batteries – must bring back ups

Find more Festival Gear Poi Balls information and reviews here.

2. Best LED Poi Under $20

led poi for sale


When you’re just starting out with poi–especially LED poi–you may not see a reason to drop a lot of dough. Frugality is a great quality. So, if you’d prefer to get a practice set of poi, before really diving into an expensive set, you may want to consider the FXspin Poi Balls.

While cheap can signify low-quality, it can also mean not-expensive. These babies are the latter. Cheaply-made poi balls are a waste of everyone’s time, which is why the FXspin team crafted a new design, to save you time when you’re learning…and a lot of hassle. A durable rubber will keep your poi intact for many flow sessions to come.

Unlike many other LED poi, this set changes colors in tandem. Most comparable models change colors separately in each ball. Colors are blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, light blue, pink, and green. Plus, there’s a setting that changes colors automatically, saving you time during your flow. And if you end up needing a replacement, contact the seller, and they’ll send a new pair or 100% money back. Feel confident in your LED poi buying experience.

Price: $15.87

Buy the FXspin POI BALLS here.


  • Phenomenal price for LED poi
  • Great for newbies – wonderful price & quality
  • Choose from eight colors, and a color-changing mode
  • Made of a durable rubber material


  • Will not last forever

Find more FXspin POI BALLS information and reviews here.

3. Best LED Poi Under $25

led poi ball


As a beginner, spinning poi means you’re going to mess up a lot. And that’s ok–we’ve all been there. But, it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re looking to purchase a set. You’ll drop them, accidentally fling them, whip yourself in the face, ground, and any surrounding walls. So, having a durable set that can take a beating is necessary.

If you’re in the $25 budget range, seriously consider the GloFX LED 9-mode Poi Set. Thanks to a soft PVC plastic, they’re nearly unbreakable. These two qualities are a must for beginner LED poi. You’ll receive two poi balls, two poi leashes, and batteries are included. The balls measure 3.25-inches in-diameter, and weight a mere 2.3-ounces.

As far as the LEDs go, choose from nine brilliant colors. Plus, you can select different modes, like fast color fade, and slow color melt. Turn them on-and-off with a push button. And if you end up wanting your money back, just send them back, thanks to a 100% customer satisfaction policy. Durability and credibility make these an all-around awesome choice in LED poi.

Price: $24.99

Buy the GloFX LED Poi Balls here.


  • Fantastic price for the quality you receive
  • Made of durable material – soft PVC plastic
  • Comes with batteries already installed
  • Has nine colors and a bevy of patterns


  • Won’t last forever

Find more GloFX LED Poi Balls information and reviews here.

4. Best LED Poi Under $30

LED poi balls

Emazing Lights

One of the hardest thing about purchasing cheap LED poi, is the lower the price, the fewer the color options. And while that may be an unfortunate reality, there is a solution. In the $30 range, the Emazing Lights eLite Flow Rave Poi Balls are a phenomenal choice.

Interestingly, these babies were featured on the ABC show, Shark Tank. In the kit you’ll receive two flow poi balls, two leashes with neoprene handles, and four (pre-installed) CR1620 batteries. Make sure you have backups on-hand, as they’re bound to run out of juice. The leashes may occasionally slip, so be sure to tie a knot into place.

As for the LEDs, these babies come pre-programmed with four LED modes, and have a dazzling 20 colors, with 16 unique flashing patterns. And, you have the ability to customize patterns, to change up your flow game. Send them back for a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re looking for a fabulous selection of colors and pattens (without busting a hole in your wallet), then you need the Emazing Lights Poi Balls.

Price: $29.95

Buy the EmazingLights eLite Flow Rave Poi Balls here.


  • Choose from 20 colors and 16 patterns – can also customize patterns
  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Appeared on the show, Shark Tank – has name recognition


  • Will not last forever – they’re still cheap LED poi

Find more EmazingLights eLite Flow Rave Poi Balls information and reviews here.

5. Best LED Poi Under $40

best led poi


As far as awesome qualities of LED poi go, warranties rank pretty high up there. Of course, they may not be front-of-mind, but they’re important nonetheless. After all, who wants to purchase a new unit just because it broke? Hello, warranties. Luckily, as you move up the LED poi scale, you’ll encounter better and better warranties, like the EmazingLights ePoi Lite.

When it comes to festivals and raves, EmazingLights (also known as iHeartRaves) is quite well-known. So it should come as no surprise their LED poi are quality. Each poi head is 5.3-inches long by 2.74-inches in-diameter, and weighs 160 grams. A silicone shell keeps the insides protected, as well as your body, when you end up hitting yourself.

In terms of the LEDs themselves, you have quite the selection. There are a whopping 20 color options, and 12 different flash patterns, leaving you with hundreds of possibilities. Each charge lasts five-to-twelve hours, depending on the mode. Recharge in about two-hours, and you’ll be flowing the night away, never worrying, thanks to a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

They produce a ton of amazing festival products, so please check out their website for more phenomenal flow toys!

Price: $39.95

Buy the EmazingLights ePoi Lite here.


  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Comes with 20 colors and 12 patterns – tons of possibilities
  • Charge lasts five-to-twelve hours – two-hour charge time
  • Backed by manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • May have to break in the tether

Find more EmazingLights ePoi Lite information and reviews here.

6. Best LED Poi Under $50

led poi balls


Ok so technically the pricing on this bad boy is off. But it’s categorized this way, so you can understand the quality of these LED poi…even though they’re on a huge discount. The Spin-ballS Brand Spin-LightS stand out for a number of reasons, but the biggest is their app integration.

If you have an iPhone or Android, simply download their app. From there, you’ll have access to tons of content for beginners up to advance poi spinners. So whether you’re a newbie, or you have a bit of skill under your belt, you can easily benefit from this LED poi purchase.

They’re crafted with a high-quality precision swivel, allowing you to easily swing and transition. Soft Core Technology keeps the ball soft enough that you won’t be in major pain, when you inevitably smack yourself in the face. The LED themselves flash in seven brilliant colors. And the leash is strong and adjustable, so it’s suitable for most heights. As far as LED poi go in the $50 dollar range, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more impressive.

Price: $24.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Spin-ballS Brand Spin-lightS here.


  • Comes with an app, so you can learn the tricks of the trade
  • Balls are made from a soft material, so it won’t hurt on impact
  • Strings are adjustable – almost anyone can use these LED poi
  • Incredible price


  • May feel lighter than you’d like

Find more Spin-ballS Brand Spin-lightS information and reviews here.

7. Best LED Poi Under $55

programmable LED poi


If you’re really interested in having unique, kick butt LED poi, you may need to think outside-of-the-box. That is to say, you can customize your set-up entirely. The easiest way to do so is to invest in a pair of LED juggling balls, and attach a leash.

The Jupiter LED Juggling Ball is an incredible choice. You’ll receive two light up balls, which come with a connector, for a leash. It has a rechargeable battery, which lasts two-to-four hours. And, you can attach a staff, if you’re more interested in other types of flow arts. The balls are perfectly round with a silicone skin. And, they can be dropped from about four-meters.

As far as the LEDs go, the combinations are nearly endless. Each hemisphere of the ball has 99 separate settings. With two separate brains, and 99 programs, you have 16,777,216 combinations…and that’s before you add in any fading, or interval options. Add in a three-year guarantee, and you’ve found yourself a pretty rockin’ customized LED poi set.

Just add this leash.

Price: $35.99 + $14.95 = $50.94

Buy the Jupiter – Smartest LED Juggling Ball here.


  • Has an incredible range of color and pattern combinations
  • Easy to use as juggling balls, or reattach to a staff
  • Made from high-quality, durable material
  • Powered with rechargeable battery


  • Some assembly required

Find more Jupiter – Smartest LED Juggling Ball information and reviews here.

8. Best LED Poi Under $70

light up poi


As you go up the LED poi pricing ladder, you’ll see small upgrades aside from LED capacity. One of the biggest ones is the type of battery. The more expensive the poi, the better the battery. The Crystal Poi-FS are no exception.

They’re powered by AAA batteries, and you’ll receive a charger, as well. (Although you may want to peep these other chargers for an upgrade). Both pieces come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, in addition to incredible customer service. These revolutionary LED poi are housed in a soft case, in order to diffuse light, and protect against impact.

The LEDs themselves are a “flowlight-full spectrum”. With 30 unique, eye-catching modes, you can adjust the full-color LEDs as you please. And, you have the ability to save your favorite patterns. A battery level indicator shows you exactly how much juice you have left. You’ll be amazed at how much longer you can flow with each session.

Price: $69.95

Buy the Crystal Poi-FS here.


  • Powered by AAA batteries & comes with a charger – can flow for longer periods of time
  • Choose from 30 modes & save your favorite ones
  • Comes with comprehensive lifetime warranty
  • LED poi are housed in a case, to aid in impact protection


  • More expensive than other models

Find more Crystal Poi-FS information and reviews here.

9. Best LED Poi Under $105

glow stick poi


When you choose to purchase LED poi, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with spherical, or round kits. While they’re a great choice, they’re pretty common. But, if you’re interested in keeping it fresh during each sesh, absolutely consider the Helix Poi With Ultra Knobs.

This bad boy comes fully assembled, so if you’d like to play with it from the get-go, pop the UltraLight LED glowsticks into the set of helix cases. From there, you can adjust the length of the leash, leaving you gripping silicone LED knob handles. Plus, you can pop everything into the included carry-all, for extra convenience.

While the set-up is cool and all, what makes the set of LED poi so kick butt is your ability to customize the light show. Choose from an impressive 15-colors, and 12 flashing patterns. Use any combination of colors, to create mesmerizing visuals. Turn on-and-off easily with a two-click feature. If customization is your ultimate goal, you don’t want to miss out on the Helix Poi With UltraKnobs.

Price: $101.95

Buy the Helix Poi With UltraKnobs here.


  • Handles are LED, in addition to heads
  • Can adjust length of tether
  • Comes with 15 color choices & 12 patterns – combine for many amazing visuals
  • Charge easily, quick on-and-off


  • More expensive than other LED poi

Find more Helix Poi With UltraKnobs information and reviews here.

10. Best LED Poi Under $115

flow toys


As a general rule of thumb, most people think of the “tear-shaped” poi as a classic shape. Whether this is correct or incorrect is irrelevant. Rather, it’s a transition into seeing the different shapes of LED poi available. We’ve seen a good number of ball and glowstick shapes. Now, it’s time to focus on tear-drops, like the PodPoi.

Podpoi is a well-known name in the LED poi game. They create quality products, with the user in mind. They’re made with a non-toxic silicone, and environmentally-friendly plastic. While it always stings to hit yourself with poi, these babies have a cushy impact.

When not in use they’re plain white. But when you light them up, they have an all-night run time. You can choose from many patterns, including trails, scientific strobing, and even mood-lifting sequences. Pop in the micro-USB charger, and you’re good to go for hours. When it comes to LED poi, you know you’re getting an incredible, high-quality product with Podpoi.

Price: $109.95

Buy the Podpoi LED Poi here.


  • Well-known name in LED poi
  • Rechargeable with a MicroUSB, and can run all-night on a single charge
  • Choose from tons of different patterns
  • Made from soft, environmentally-friendly material – cushions pain of impact


  • More expensive than other models

Find more Podpoi LED Poi information and reviews here.

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