5 Best Bubblers for Cannabis: Your Buyer’s Guide (2019)

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A bubbler is similar to a bong: Both filter your smoke through water, providing a smoother inhale.

Like bongs, bubblers were originally designed for use with dried flower. But today, many newer bubblers can also function as dab rigs, too. Some of these are designed for vaporizing concentrates only, while others can be used to smoke traditional herb as well.

What Are the Best Bubblers for Cannabis Consumers Today?

Best bubbler by Jane West
  • Collection by industry pioneer Jane West
  • Beautiful mint green color
  • Classic design
Price: $104.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Best Bubbler for vapor and dabs
  • Showerhead percolator for filtration
  • Comes with quartz banger for optimal dab
  • Great gift (Snoop label, decorative box)
Price: $164.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Best bubbler in hammer shape
  • Beautiful original piece of art
  • Made by hand by artists in Oregon
  • Excellent customer service
Price: $141.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Grace Glass best bubbler with recycler chamber
  • Affordable
  • Designed for both flower & concentrates
  • Recycler design means double filtration
Price: $33.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Double chamber bubbler
  • Two water chambers for double filtration
  • Two different kinds of percolators
  • Angled base for added stability
Price: $48.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best for the Sleek & Sophisticated Crowd: The Jane West Bubbler by Grav Labs

    Price: $104.00
    • Collection by industry pioneer Jane West
    • Beautiful mint green color
    • Classic design with sleek lines, meant to be displayed
    • Will not look dirty after use (glass is not transparent)
    • Durable borosilicate glass
    • Ergonomic design is comfortable to use
    • Inspired by art deco architecture
    • More expensive than some comparable simple models
    • Could tip over
    • Not meant for mysognists (Jane West logo proudly displayed on mouthpiece)

    This pipe stands out because of its hipness. It’s gorgeous, sleek, and made in America — in the ultra-hip hub of Austin, Texas, no less. Plus, it was released by Jane West, a respected business mogul in the cannabis world.

    Jane West is an entrepreneur and public figure renowned for normalizing cannabis consumption for mainstream Americans, particularly women. She’s best known as the founder of Women Grow, a national networking organization for women in the cannabis industry. She is a fierce businesswoman who’s unapologetic about her cannabis use. And she isn’t afraid of being herself.

    On Instagram, she’s a working mom who posts photos of her own mother signing a petition to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms in Denver. She speaks at policy summits, gambles (sensibly) with her girlfriends, gushes about her husband, curses, loves Willie Nelson, and wears fantastic hats.

    This mint green pipe is a result of West’s collaboration with Grav Labs, an Austin-based company known for its scientific glass. These pipes were crafted by some of the world’s best glass artisans, with some of the world’s highest-quality silica, according to the product description.

    This piece doesn’t boast many extra bells and whistles. But it’s classy. It’s the quintessential glass pipe, intended to stand proudly in your home.

  2. 2. Best For Dabbing Concentrates: Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler

    Price: $164.00
    • Showerhead percolator maximizes bubbles for filtration
    • Comes with quartz banger for optimal dab temperatures
    • Also includes other dab tools (like a glass nail)
    • Vapor dome with handle
    • Ergonomic mouthpiece and angled design for laid-back comfort, Snoop-style
    • Very cool logo and decorative packaging (makes a great gift!)
    • Less likely to tip over than most bubblers (stable design with wide base)
    • Only designed for oil and waxy concentrates. (Not intended for use with dry herb.)
    • Expensive
    • Its compact size (6 in.) may not display your Snoop fandom prominently enough

    The D-O-double-G is at it again. Snoop Dogg is best known as a rapper and stoner icon, but he’s also a major player in cannabis investments across the globe. He’s raised millions for his cannabis venture capital firm, Casa Verde, and he has a line of branded cannabis called Leafs by Snoop. Now he’s released his own line of glass pipes and bongs.

    The brand, “Pounds,” was probably named for the rapper’s daily cannabis intake. But this attractive glass dab rig also features a logo of a fist ready to give you a friendly fist-bump, or a “pound.” Now that’s classic Snoop, ever the nuanced wordsmith.

    This rig is meant for use with waxy concentrates and oils only. It is not designed for use with traditional herb. (A “vapor” bong or bubbler typically means a glass piece meant for vaporizing concentrates, not for smoking pot with a normal lighter.)

    But your dabs will be well-filtered, thanks to the showerhead percolator, which breaks up your hit into tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles maximize the surface area of the smoke that will be filtered by the water.

    Compared to most bubblers, this glass piece is incredibly unlikely to tip over. It has a wide circular foot to provide stability. And with a bent-neck design, it’s perfect for kicking back, Snoop-style. 

  3. 3. Best Bubbler for the Artistic Stoner: Mountain Jam Glass Company’s Hammer Bubbler

    Price: $141.00
    • Made by hand by glass artists in Oregon
    • Beautiful original piece of art
    • Mountain Jam is dedicated to excellent customer service
    • Expensive
    • No percolator
    • May not be the same colors as photo
    • Not ideal for anyone with a snake phobia (snakes are recurring theme for these glassblowers)

    Mountain Jam Glass Company is based in Eugene, Oregon, where their glass artists will craft your piece by hand. This might take some extra time, because each piece is made to order, but it should be ready to ship within a week.

    This glass pipe is perfect for art lovers. It may not be ideal for your Type-A friend: the pipe is unlikely to look exactly as it appears in the photo. The colors may be different, as many reviewers have noted. It also may or may not include the glass snake in the photo. (One reviewer noted a “glass rope” in place of the marble.) The finished product probably depends on the artist’s mood that day.

    Plus, this is made with “fumed glass,” in glassblower-speak, so it will change colors as you use it, the company explains. Some people would also call this “getting it dirty.” It depends, as with most art, on how you look at it.

    If you like art, you will appreciate this. But if you hate art, or if you have a snake phobia, you may want to look elsewhere, because snakes seem to be a common theme for these glass artists.

    Customers rave about the glass pipes they’ve received from Mountain Jam. They mostly love the pipes’ creativity and durability, but one reviewer found a unique selling point.

    “The first thing I warmed to was the sound from this piece! It’s AMAZING!” the customer raved. “It sounds identical to the opening of Cyprus Hill’s ‘Hits From the Bong!'”

    That’s the thing about art. You never know how it will speak to someone else.

    This pipe has a classic hammer-shaped bubbler design. This design distributing its weight between two points, so it can be less likely to tip over than the other most-common bubbler shape (the “Sherlock” design, which stands up straight on its base). But it’s less stable than glass bongs or bubblers with a wider foot, so you’ll still need to be careful with it.

    If you like supporting artists, this is the piece for you. And if you like to buy products that are made in America (which can be hard to do, when shopping for glass pipes online), this is also perfect for you. You’ll be supporting some legit Oregon artists. Check out their facility in the YouTube video below. 

  4. 4. Best With “Recycler” Chamber for Double Filtration: Grace Glass Saxo Recycler Bubbler

    Price: $33.00
    • Very low price for a recycler design
    • Recycler design means double the filtration
    • Includes both bowl (for flower) and nail (for concentrates)
    • Compact size makes it great for travel
    • Hard to clean
    • May want to invest in a better dab nail (like a titanium nail, instead of the glass one that's included)
    • If you overfill the water, you may experience some backsplash

    This rig isn’t just super affordable; it also packs some advanced features into a compact glass pipe.

    Recycler bongs are a relatively recent innovation: they include a second chamber, where the water travels along with the smoke, for an additional cooling and filtering step for your smoke. (Then the water drops back down into the original chamber, or gets “recycled,” for your next hit.)

    This glass piece maintains the functionality of a recycler bong, but in a compact size, for a much lower price. It’s far more portable than a recycler bong. Reviewers say it’s the perfect travel companion.

    You don’t need to add much water to this piece. If you add too much, you may get some water in your mouth, because there’s no splash guard.

    This rig is designed for use with both concentrates and traditional flower, making it incredibly versatile for the price. It comes with a nail for dabbing, but reviewers suggest buying a higher-quality nail (like a titanium version) to upgrade your dabbing experience. 

  5. 5. Best for Maximum Percolation: Glasscity Double Chamber Bubbler

    Price: $48.00
    • Two water chambers for double filtration
    • Includes showerhead and tree percolators for two different kinds of percolation
    • Comes with a slide, like a tiny bong
    • Lower chamber is angled to sit flat on table
    • Affordable
    • Comes with a slide (like a tiny bong), which may make is easier to break
    • Difficult to clean
    • Not designed for use with concentrates
    • Must remember to fill both chambers (unlike recycler bong, which moves water to second chamber)
    • Looks easy to tip over

    This bubbler has the advanced filtration capability of a bong, but it’s small and portable. It actually has double the normal filtration provided by a normal bubbler. Your hit will be filtered twice, through two separate water chambers. (Just remember to fill up both chambers with water before packing your bowl.)

    This glass pipe includes two different kinds of percolators. The smoke first gets pulled through a showerhead percolator, so the smoke gets broken up into tiny bubbles by the slits in the showerhead, maximizing the surface area of the smoke that is cooled and filtered by the water.

    In the second chamber, the smoke is further dispersed by the tree percolator. It’s eight slitted branches will turn your hit into even more bubbles, providing one of the smoothest, coolest hits you can get from such a small glass pipe. Just don’t forget to put water in both chambers!

    You’ll also want to be careful with this piece. It has an angled bottom, giving it a flat surface to place on your table, but it still looks pretty top-heavy.

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