11 Best Delta 8 Edibles You’ll LOVE

Did you know that it’s federally legal to get delta 8 products delivered directly to your door? That means it’s legal in many states across the U.S.

Don’t sleep on Delta 8 edibles. While many call Delta 8 ‘weed light’ or ‘diet weed’, it’s the perfect solution for those who fear too strong of a reaction when smoking marijuana. Below, you’ll find the best Delta 8 edibles available online:

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Gram & Co Delta-8 THC Quick Mix

gramco delta 8 quick mix

Looking to turn just about anything you normally consume into an edible? Look no further than Gram & Co’s Delta-8 Quick Mix. This stuff is a game-changer, especially if you’re a parent who wants to consume your THC without the kids knowing. Gram & Co’s Delta-8 Quick Mix is scentless and virtually tasteless, making it the perfect way to consume Delta-8 THC in edible form. (Especially if you don’t enjoy the typically sweet THC edibles you’ll find).

You can add a scoop (20mg) of this water-soluble powder to just about anything you eat or drink, and you’ll start feeling the effects pretty quickly (typically a half hour or so after consuming). The powder dissolves quickly, too, and it doesn’t clump together like other types of powdered mixes.

Personally speaking, I add two scoops to my evening coffee for a total of 40mg Delta-8 THC. I’ve tried it in my Cherry Coke Zero, and couldn’t taste it in there. I’ve also stirred it into some peanut butter for an extra special peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and threw it into some chili to see if I could taste the powder. (No, I couldn’t taste it at all).

This form of powdered Delta-8 THC quickly became a must-have for me (as someone who isn’t a big fan of sweets). The fact that I, a self-proclaimed coffee snob, can add Gram & Co’s powder to my coffee without being able to taste it is an incredible feat.

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Delta 8 THC Snacks Spicy Cheese Crunchies

spicy cheese crunchies

Spicy cheese crunchies are one of the best ways to consume Delta 8. Essentially, they’re crunchy Cheetos, but with a kick and 250mg of Delta 8 THC.

While many Delta 8 edibles come in the form of gummies, there are many who prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks – that’s where these spicy cheese crunchies come into play.

Experience a quick sleep, smooth buzz, and supreme relaxation with the help of these tasty Cheeto-like snacks. I can’t honestly think of a better way to spend 150 calories of your daily limit.

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Delta 8 THC Snacks Spicy Nacho Chips

delta 8 spicy nacho chips

These Spicy Nacho Chips are incredibly tasty and pack a punch (heat lovers, beware!). Imagine a blend of pure cannabis with hot and spicy chips with a dash of lime – tempting, right?

I’ll note that the flavor of these is sort of like a slightly spicier Spicy Nacho Cheese Dorito with an added hint of lime (it’s very subtle; as if these chips once shook hands with a lime).

The Nacho chips are made with extracted Delta-8 THC, giving you a chilly and relaxing experience. Never lose yourself with the edible cheese – start with a low dose and discover its effects before moving up the unforgettable ladder of ecstasy.

These are lab-tested and guaranteed safe for consumption, and they’re one of the tastiest options for Delta 8 edibles that I’ve found.

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Shrooms Delta-8 THC Mushrooms – Dried Chanterelle

delta 8 shrooms

Products from Shrooms always have a thing to change your whole idea of buzz. Here again, you can experience a new mode of cannabis buzz with the dried chanterelle Delta 8 THC mushrooms.

Each piece of the Delta 8 edible is packed with premium euphoria and chilly effects – just what is needed for relaxation. With Delta 8 THC Mushrooms, the fun is safe, legal, and highly tempting. Hence, experience a new dose of buzz with a treat from Shroom.

Have fun and share the adventure. Try the newly infused 500mg of the purest hemp-derived Delta 8. Make it your usual treat, and keep having a psychotropic ordeal.

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10X Delta 8 THC Ultra Strong Gummies – Fruity Mix

10x delta 8 gummies

Among the fine edible products of 10X is the Fruity mix 8 THC ultra strong gummies. Packed with cannabinoid substance and Delta-8, it gives a sweet, delicious, and potent CBD.

The 10X Delta-8 edibles are infused right from the start with cannabinoid gummies, making it stronger and more potent for use. More so, the satisfaction derived from the fruity mix gummies is just a must-have experience. With a blend of mango and apple flavors to make the edible fruity mix, the feeling is just a call away from heaven.

The stronger 2500mg of the Delta-8 fruity mix is a perfect choice for excellent stress relief, with 100% safety assurance. In addition, each gummy is laced with a 50mg strength. Hence, there is potency with every chew of the fruity mix gummies.

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Chill Plus Extreme Delta-8 THC Gummies – Very Berry

chill extreme very berry delta 8 gummies

There is always something more to Chill Plus Extreme. With extreme effort, the new Delta-8 THC gummies are now fully available in very berry flavors. A pack of very berry gummies gives a refined taste of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC.

The production process of the very berry Delta-8 gummies is timely and carefully sequenced to give a sweet, delicious, and potent taste. Then, the Delta-8 THC is isolated, extracted, and infused to get an edible gummy that is super flavored to give an exciting buzz all day long.

In addition, there is something for the body, mind, and soul with Chill Plus Extreme. A taste of the very berry Delta-8 THC gummies is enough to relax your body and mind, giving you the timely strength needed for a reboot. A fun fact about the quality of the delta-8 THC gummies is it isn’t meant to be legal, but it is.

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10X Delta-8 THC Strong Gummies – Original Mix

10x delta 8 original mix

An astonishing fact about the Delta-8 THC strong original mix gummies is that they are made from scratch. Unlike other products sprayed with a small amount of Delta-8 and CBD substance, the gummies are infused from the initial stage with extracted Delta-8 and CBD, making them strong, sweet, and legal!

The original mix is perfected to have a relaxing effect on its consumers. Consumers enjoy a pack’s smooth buzz, stress relief, and relaxation. More so, the original mix of Delta-8 facilitates sleep. Hence, a better choice when dealing with a series of sleep and anxiety disorders is the Delta-8 original mix of THC strong Gummies made available by 10X.

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Overdose CBD & Delta 8 THC Gummies

overdose delta 8 gummies

For consumers desiring to go extra when buying Delta 8 edible gummies, the Overdose Delta-8 THC is now available in a 3-pack. The gummies have remarkable popularity across the country for their strong quality yet mild effects on consumers.

There are triple effects of the products. This means that a pack of the products gives natural, hemp-derived Delta THC edibles that always hits the right spot. A cannabinoid is best enjoyed with the Overdose Delta-8 edibles.

Available in 3000X, there is ultimate strength needed to fly 3X higher. A Cannabinoid experience just got better with the Overdose Delta-8.

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Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Supreme Gummies

chill plus delta 8 cube gummies

Chill Delta-8 Supreme is the next in line for quality, juicy and relaxing gummies. The supreme gummies are produced with all-natural, hemp-derived CBD encounters. Hence, there is nothing left out when there is a mention of Chil Plus Delta-8 supreme gummies.

The supreme Delta-8 is available in the fruity mix and tropical mix flavors, giving you supreme goodness at its peak! The secret of the supreme gummies lies in the 2500mg strength packed in each jar.

Each bite is a chilly experience to remember. However, the product is widely recognized for its fruity, juicy, and lasting effects, always leaving you in a hyper yet relaxed state!

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Alibi Delta 8 NFT Gummies – Tropical Mix

alibi delta 8

A unique and fun-filled Delta-8 edible is now available in a tropical mix of Alibi Delta-8 NFT Gummies. For you, it will be a luxury ride to supreme relaxation and hyper-body mode. The Alibi Delta-8 is made with all-natural and hemp-derived gummies, topped with the sweet Delta-8 THC.

With a taste of the fantastic and delicious tropical flavors, it is a billion-dollar Delta-8 NFT in disguise. Interestingly, with the Delta-8 NFT gummies, you can have the world’s only legal cannabinoids at your disposal.

A bite from the tropical mix flavor of the Delta-8 NFT gummies is all you need to go on a soothing adventure of ecstasy.

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Alibi Delta 8 THC Square Gummies – Raspberry

alibi delta 8 gummies

The Delta-8 THC square gummies available in Raspberry flavors are a more fascinating and enticing offer from Alibi. Not only is it sweet, delicious, and potent, but it is also just the perfect choice when you desire all-around buzzingly benefits.

You get to enjoy a solid and pure psychoactive experience that has mild effects yet lasts longer. So when looking for a pure Delta-8 THC that takes you to cloud nine, do not go far – take a bite from the raspberry square 1750mg gummies and be there in minutes.

The Alibi Delta 8 THC square gummies are legal to consume at any time and place. These Alibi Delta 8 gummies prove that vegan gummies can taste great!

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Chill Plus Extreme Delta 8 THC Gummies – Cream of the Crop

chill extreme delta 8 gummies

You can go an extra mile with cannabinoids with the new and improved Chill Plus Extreme Delta 8 THC gummies. These gummies come in a mixed jar of different flavors including orange creamsicle, strawberry cream, and pina colada.

The cream of the crop is infused with 25mg of cannabinoids to give you a fantastic low-key buzz. The total ultimate strength of 1250mg is awaiting you in a jar of the Delta-8 extreme gummies. Make it yours and share the experience of enjoying a legal cannabinoid in a gummy form.

More so, the product is 100% lab tested to assure safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Delta 8 edibles legal?

While Delta 8 is federally legal, some states have banned the sale of it at their own discretion. You can check if Delta 8 products are legal in your state here.

How long do Delta 8 edibles take to kick in?

Among other factors, the metabolism and body size of the consumer is imperative to determine how long Delta 8 effects kick in. However, Delta-8 edibles generally take up to 30 minutes or more to have an impact. Depending on the body factors, it may take hours for some consumers.

How long do Delta 8 edibles stay in your system?

Generally, the metabolites of Delta 8 edibles may persist in your system for about 90 days [approximately three months]. More so, the metabolites are only detected through common lab tests. However, the time frame might increase if you are a chronic user.

Do Delta 8 edibles make you high?

According to users, the high ability of edible Delta 8 has significantly subsided compared to the Delta 9. Therefore, when you take an amount of edible Delta 8, it is normal to feel tired, hungry, and relaxed. But, more important, you will feel clear-headed compared to Delta 9 edibles.

Are Delta 8 edibles safe?

Apart from meeting the necessary consumption standards, each Delta 8 edible is lab tested for safety. Hence, medically the Delta-8 edible is safe. However, the side effects may vary depending on the user’s intake.

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