DELTA Cannabis Water Review: The Best THC Seltzer Available

delta cannabis water

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like smoking a joint or eating super sweet edible gummies. And while you can find virtually any type of canned alcohol drink in every store, THC drinks aren’t widely recognized as a great alternative just yet. Why? On top of being relatively a new thing, it’s likely because the majority of THC-infused drinks simply aren’t strong enough to do much for you. In fact, the leading cannabis drinks that you’ll find in a dispensary are typically only 5mg THC, so you’d need to drink a few of them to even feel anything. But if you’re on the hunt for a simply better THC-infused drink, look no further than DELTA Cannabis Water. As a shopping editor who’s tried a bunch of these kinds of drinks, I have to say that DELTA really stands out.

(DELTA sent us some cans to test in exchange for an honest review)

Taste: 5/5

First off, the taste. Man, it’s good. Like, really good. If you’re into seltzers, you’re gonna love this. The Passion Fruit flavor is super refreshing and doesn’t have that fake aftertaste that some other cannabis drinks have. Compared to Levia seltzers, these just taste better, hands down.


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Strength & Absorption: 5/5

Now, let’s talk strength. Each can has 20mg of THC, but these aren’t your average 20mg drinks. They hit harder and faster, thanks to their high absorption rate. You’ll start feeling it within five minutes, no joke. So, yeah, they work better than Levia seltzers too.

Ingredients & Quality: 5/5

Here are the ingredients for the Passion Fruit DELTA Cannabis Water: Carbonated Water, Hemp Extract, Erythritol, citric acid, ascorbic acid, gluconic acid, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, sodium benzoate, and natural flavors.

The ingredient list is pretty minimal, and it’s a non-alcoholic drink. It’s got a balanced blend of THC and CBD, and it’s infused with live resin. So you’re getting a quality, authentic cannabis experience. Plus, the company is all about using natural ingredients and ethical cultivation methods, which is a nice bonus.

Dosage & Tolerance: 5/5

I’m a seasoned THC user, so I was skeptical that one can would be enough for me. However, one can is the perfect dose – even for a big guy like me! After just a few minutes, I could feel the effects coursing through my body. With the Blood Orange (Indica) flavor, you can feel the body high relax every part of your body. With the Passion Fruit (Sativa), you can definitely feel the head high start within a few minutes. I would be careful when drinking these; they degree in which I felt the effects was surprising. If you’re new to Delta 9 THC, maybe start with a quarter of a can and see how you feel after half an hour or so. But if you’re more experienced, go ahead and down the whole thing. Just be ready for it to pack a punch.

Price: 4/5

Typically speaking, all cannabis seltzers are pretty expensive. I typically find Levia for $6 a can at my local dispensary. But DELTA Cannabis Water is a little more on the pricey side, coming in at $32 + tax and shipping for a 4-pack (or ~$8 each). However, keep in mind that you’re getting 4x the THC in DELTA than with most other cannabis drinks on the market.

Final Thoughts

DELTA Cannabis Water is a really solid option if you’re looking to get into cannabis drinks or just want something different. They taste significantly better and work faster than the competition. Both the Passion Fruit (Sativa) and Blood Orange (Indica) flavors taste great, and rumor has it there’s a Hybrid flavor on the way as well. Cool.


+Great Taste
+Quick Onset
+High Quality Ingredients
+Available to Order Online



Our Review: 5 out of 5 Stars

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