WEC 50: Cruz vs. Benavidez II Preliminary Card Results

Heavy.com is coming to you live from the Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight for “WEC 50: Cruz vs. Benavidez II”.

Tonight’s event features a bantamweight title fight between title holder Dominick Cruz and top contender Joseph Benavidez in a rematch of their WEC 42 affair in which Cruz came out victorious. However, before the main card hits Versus, the Heavy MMA crew will be bringing you live results from the evening’s preliminary card.

The undercard includes a featherweight bout between Javier Vazquez and Mackens Semerzier, a lightweight bout between Danny Castillo and Dustin Poirier, and three other bouts. Coverage will begin at approximately 7:00 p.m. ET with the preliminary results.

Preliminary Card Results

Danny Castillo vs. Dustin Poirier

Round 1: Both men start the round out a bit tentative, taking their time to feel each other out. Castillo presses the action and tries for a takedown, but Poirier is doing a good job of neutralizing the attempt. Castillo finally gets the single leg takedown, after a good 90 seconds of clinching against the cage. After working from Poirier’s guard, Castillo manages to land some solid shots as Dustin turtles up against the cage. Poirier tries for a heel hook, and Castillo uses that time to drop solid body shots. The round ends with Castillo standing over Poirier, landing strikes.

Round 2: Round 2 begins, and both men are a bit more active on their feet. Castillo lands a solid leg kick, and attempts for a take down. Poirier again neutralizes the attempt, and they clinch against the cage. Castillo manages to secure the take down and top position, trying to work from Poirier’s guard. Poirier remains active from his back, landing short elbows and attempting to secure a triangle choke. Castillo tries to escape by slamming Poirier to the mat, but he continues to hold on. After 90 seconds being trapped, Castillo manages to escape the triangle and ends up in side control. The round comes to a close with Castillo on top, in half guard.

Round 3: Castillo comes out aggressive, landing a superman punch. He again clinches with Poirier against the cage. Castillo’s corner yells for him to not take him down, as that is where Dustin wants to be. Castillo, against his corner’s advice, takes Poirier down. Dustin is able to get up, only to have Castillo take him down again. Poirier continues to work from the bottom, mirroring his round 2 performance landing short elbows and attempting a triangle. Pinned against the fence, Dustin tries to secure the triangle as Castillo lands shots from the top. Just like in round 2, Castillo slides out and ends up in side control. Castillo ends up in mount, as Dustin holds on to prevent Castillo from utilizing any ground and pound. The round ends with Danny on top, peppering Poirier on the side of the head. Danny Castillo defeats Dustin Poirier by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27

Bryan Caraway vs. Fredson Paixao

Round 1: Caraway begins the round trying to establish his jab, but Paixao lands a big leg kick that knocks Bryan down. They again begin to feel out the distance. Paixao clinches and lands a solid knee to the head of Caraway. Caraway and Paixao continue to dance around each other. Caraway manages to land a right hand. Caraway is beginning to gain confidence in his stand up. He fakes a shot and lands a left to Paixao’s face. Caraway is keeping Paixao at a distance, and only moving in to land a shot and then step back again. Paixao appears to be frustrated and unable to muster any offense. The round ends with Caraway securing a take down.

Round 2: Caraway misses with a punch and Paixao shoots in for a takedown. They clinch against the fence. Caraway manages to escape and utilizes the same strategy he put to work in round 1. Paixao finally is able to score on the offensive end, landing 2 solid leg kicks. He manages to get Caraway to the ground, but only for a short period, as Caraway again escapes. Caraway continues to stuff Paixao’s take down attempts. However, he isn’t really putting together any offense himself. Paixao lands another leg kick, but is caught by Caraway and taken down. The round ends with Caraway on top.

Round 3: Caraway and Paixao continue to circle each other, neither attempting to really push the pace. Caraway seems content to try and land one punch, as opposed to any combos. Paixao lands a big leg kick, and Caraway counters with a right to the head. Paixao lands a 1-2 combo, and follows it up with a solid leg kick. The most offense he has had all night. Caraway doesn’t appear to be in any rush, as he still is satisfied circling around Paixao. Paixao is feeling a sense of urgency, and starts to push the pace, landing some strikes as Caraway continues to circle away. Fredson Paixao defeats Bryan Caraway by split decision 29-28, 29-28, 28-29

Ricardo Lamas vs. Dave Jansen

Round 1: Lamas and Jansen both trade kicks, neither of them landing. Jansen scores with a leg kick. He follows it up with a solid inside leg kick. Lamas scores with one of his own. Jansen presses, and forces Lamas against the cage. They separate and Lamas lands an inside leg kick. Jansen again presses the action, landing punches. Lamas throws a left head kick that glances against Jansen’s face. Lamas lands 2 solid left hands. Jansen again pushes forward, and manages to end up on top of Lamas. Lamas scoots back against the cage, trying to use it for leverage so that he can get back to his feet. Jansen attempts a guillotine, but Lamas slips out and rises to his feet. The round ends with the men clinching against the fence.

Round 2: Lamas opens the round with a big right hand. He begins to let his hands go, and then shoots in for a take down. Jansen manages to stuff the take down, and again attempt a weak guillotine. Lamas manages to escape. After attempting a guillotine of his own, the men separate and regroup in the center of the cage. They both exchange shots, and Jansen is able to get Lamas down. After bucking Jansen off, Lamas misses with a spinning back elbow, and Jansen takes him down briefly. Jansen takes down Lamas with a slam, and Lamas works from the bottom, attempting a kimura. Jansen is able to escape, and maintains position in Lamas’ guard. The round ends with Jansen on top in Lamas’ half guard.

Round 3: Lamas lands a solid left hook, after Jansen lands 2 leg kicks to start the round. Jansen takes Lamas down, but Ricardo keeps his back against the cage and holds Jansen in a headlock. Jansen manages to secure Lamas’ back. Jansen is trying to secure both hooks, and flatten Lamas out. Lamas has a hold of Jansen’s hands, not allowing him to strike from the top. Jansen manages to free his hands. He lands punches from the top, and works for a rear naked choke. Lamas rolls over and slips out of the choke. Ending up on top, Lamas attempts a guillotine. Jansen escapes. Lamas again slaps on a guillotine. Due to all of the blood pouring from Jansen’s head, he can’t hold on to it. Lamas manages to get Jansen’s back and works for a rear naked choke. Again, the blood comes in to play and Jansen slips out as the round comes to an end. Ricardo Lamas defeats Dave Jansen by decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Mackens Semerzier vs. Javier Vazquez

Round 1: Vazquez and Semerzier come out aggressively, but Vazquez gets the upper hand by securing the take down following a slam. Working form side control, he manages to trap Semerzier’s arm and work short elbows from the top. Semerzier is able to secure half guard, but Vazquez stays active and moves to mount. Semerzier rolls to his side, and Vazquez works to take his back. He lands big elbows from the top, as Semerzier covers up. Semerzier utilizes the cage and is able to move back into half guard, only to have Vazquez secure mount again. Vazquez again drops elbows as Semerzier covers up. Vazquez continues to drop short elbows onto Semerzier, as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Semerzier attempts to keep Javier at bay by being aggressive with his striking. After clinching with Vazquez against the cage, Javier attempts a standing guillotine and then tries to jump guard. Semerzier brushes him off and they regroup in the center of the cage. Javier presses Semerzier against the cage, and manages to secure his back. Semerzier stands up, and Vazquez holds on, cinching in a rear naked choke. Semerzier taps. Javier Vazquez defeats Mackens Semerzier at 1:35 of round 2 via rear naked choke.

Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Anthony Njokuani