Frankie Edgar 155 Reasons Video Series, Episode 3

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar suffered his first loss since 2008 when he dropped a very close decision to Ben Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan. While the New Jersey native thought he did enough to win the fight, he’s not sitting around feeling sorry for himself. And despite the public opinion that he should move down a weight class, Edgar is hard at work preparing for his UFC 150 rematch with Ben Henderson for the lightweight title. “155 Reasons” is an intimate look into the life of a former champion working to get his belt back. Check out Episode 3 of this amazing series.

155 Reasons, Episode III -Having A Mentor and Being A Mentor, The Frankie Edgar SeriesGaspari TV presents 155 Reasons, the Frankie Edgar series Episode III -Having A Mentor and Being A Mentor. In an exclusive interview with Mike Straka, Frankie, his family and coaches Mark Henry, Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Kru Phil Nurse and Steve Rivera talk about Frankie as a student and teacher as he prepares for his upcoming rematch against Ben Henderson on August 11th, 2012 at UFC 150 in Denver. @2012, Gaspari Nutrition, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A Dragonslayer Production.2012-07-20T13:36:23.000Z