UFC 148 Preliminary Card Live Results

Melvin Guillard vs. Fabricio Camoes

UFC 148 preliminary card live results

UFC 148 has finally arrived, and Heavy.com has you covered with live round-by-round updates from the evening’s preliminary card.

Action begins at 7:25 p.m. ET today from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The preliminary card includes a lightweight bout between Fabricio Camoes and Melvin Guillard, as well as four other contests before the pay-per-view portion of the event kicks off.

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Live Results

Yoislandy Izquierdo vs. Rafaello Oliveira
Round 1: Izquierdo comes up short on a left, while Oliveira sneaks in a leg kick. Body kick from Izquierdo. Oliveira looking takedown, but Izquierdo avoids and lands a knee. Both fighters miss on their strikes. Leg kick for Izquierdo, followed by a nice combination. Oliveira with another takedown attempt, but he earns it this time. He attempts to pass, but is trapped in Izquierdo’s guard. He finally passes. Three minutes left in the round. Battle on the ground here, but Izquierdo defending nicely. Oliveira appears to be looking for an arm here. Izquierdo defending. Oliveira just misses on an arm lock. Oliveira moves to mount, but gets pushed off. Izquierdo back to the feet. Oliveira with a nice kick. Head kick from Izquierdo blocked. Big miss from Izquierdo, and Oliveira looks takedown. Scramble leads them back to the feet. 20 seconds to go, and  Izquierdo lands a nice straight punch. Flying knee misses. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Oliveira.

Round 2: Izquierdo lands early, but Oliveira moves away. Nice left from Izquierdo. Oliveira slips on a head kick and eats a knee as a result. Miss from Izquierdo, and Oliveira slips under for an easy takedown. Very early in the round. Oliveira easily moves to half-guard, then side control. Izquierdo tries to escape, but Oliveira gets right back in position. Still Izquierdo is defending nicely. Oliveira looking to isolate an arm again, but he can’t get it. A lot of blood on the mat, and it appears to be from Oliveira. His head is busted open. Time from referee Mario Yamasaki. They are going to check the cut. The ref says he is good, and replay shows an elbow caused the laceration. Oliveira gets to work with ground and pound almost immediately as the fight resumes. 90 seconds to go. Arm lock attempt from Oliveira, but Izquierdo escapes. Nice shots from Oliveira. Another arm lock attempt. 10 seconds. Nothing significant to end the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Oliveira.

Round 3: Touch of gloves to begin the final frame. Head kick from Oliveira is blocked. Soft leg kick from Izquierdo. Oliveira rushes in for a takedown and eats some shots. But he earns it and finds himself back on top with four minutes to work. Oliveira passes to side control, and Izquierdo is simply unable to escape. Oliveira works for another arm lock, but he can’t get it. Izquierdo pushes away and gets back up. But Oliveira gets him right back down. North-South for Oliveira now. Back to side control. Oliveira is not really attacking here. There he goes, moving to a mounted crucifix. Elbows and punches from Oliveira, but Izquierdo escapes the crucifix. Another arm lock attempt, but Izquierdo avoids the submission. 10 seconds to go. Izquierdo unable to escape. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Oliveira.

Official Decision: Oliveira def. Izquierdo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

John Alessio vs. Shane Roller
Round 1: Leg kick from Roller. He lands another and dodges a combination. Alessio missing a lot early. He comes forward with a combination, but misses. Nice right lands for Roller, followed by a left hook. He covers up on an Alessio combination. Kick from Roller lands below the belt. Action is stopped. Action resumes after a few minutes. Alessio immediately comes forward with a combination. Left lands for Roller. He misses on a big hook and shoots in. Alessio sneaks away from the takedown. Two minutes to go in the round. Right lands for Roller. He misses with a straight kick. They get tangled up, and Alessio lands a hook. He is pressing Roller up against the cage now, looking for a takedown. Roller avoiding the takedown nicely. Alessio rips off several big lefts to the body before separating. 30 seconds to go. Nice couple of left hooks from Alessio. Roller with an uppercut, but he gets caught, falling backwards to the mat. Alessio hops on top, but simply runs out of time. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Alessio.

Round 2: Both fighters throw, but neither land flush. Roller with an outside leg kick. Alessio countering nicely with a combination. Alessio presses forward, landing a body shot before clinching up against the cage. Roller drops down for a guillotine choke. Alessio rolls, but Roller is on top. Alessio gets back up immediately, but now finds his back up against the cage. Roller lifts him up and slams him down to the mat with 3:30 on the clock. Roller gets to half guard, and Alessio attempts to prevent him from any further advances. Solid elbows from Roller. Alessio tries to push away, but gives up his back. Roller has one hook, but can’t seem to get the other, since Alessio is up against the cage. Roller finally gets hooks in, but switches to a body triangle. Good control from Roller, who is working punches now. Big elbow for Roller, but he is running out of time. 10 seconds to go, and Alessio is going to survive. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Roller.

Round 3: Alessio rushes forward with a vicious combination. Hooks lead to an uppercut, and Roller is hurt. They clinch up against the cage. Alessio separates with a nice knee. Good start to the round. Roller with a combination to a takedown attempt. Alessio is on his feet, but Roller lifts him up and drops him to the floor. Elbows from Roller. Alessio manages to work his way up after a struggle, but still finds himself in danger. Roller grabbing hold of another takedown attempt. He nearly gets Alessio down, but he finds success on the next attempt. He moves to the back with 2:00 on the clock. Punches from Roller. Alessio talking trash from the bottom, asking Roller if he wants to fight him. “You want to fight me,” he asks. Alessio attempts to turn out, but Roller latches onto a body triangle. Arm triangle attempt from Roller here, but he is running out of time. Alessio escapes and begins throwing bombs from the top. Few get through, as the fight comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Roller.

Official Decision: Roller def. Alessio via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Riki Fukuda vs. Constantinos Philippou
Round 1: Touch of gloves to get the third contest of the night underway. Leg kick from Fukuda after a slow start to the round. Another kick. Philippou is hesitant, as he looks to engage, but quickly pulls back. Almost two minutes down, and little action so far. Fukuda, almost out of nowhere, shoots in for the takedown. That was explosive, but Philippou is giving him a tough time. Back up, but they find themselves in the clinch. Philippou pushes him away, and they are back to the center of the cage. Nice straight right lands for Philippou, and another. They clinch briefly, but separate. Philippou lands again. Very nice combination lands for him. He is finding his rhythm here. Head kick from Philippou. Fukuda is already beginning to show signs of the strikes. Leg kick from Fukuda. No action at the round’s end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Philippou.

Round 2: Philippou with a nice combination to start this round. Straight right lands for him shortly after. No question who the better boxer is here. Fukuda looks for a takedown, but is only able to drive Philippou into the cage. They separate after an exchange and head back to the striking game. Inside leg kick from Fukuda. Outside leg kick moments later. Combination from Philippou, while Fukuda is only able to sneak in one punch. He looks takedown, but Philippou pushes him away. Nice body kick from Fukuda. Two minutes to go in the round. Counter left lands for Philippou. Fukuda lands a solid combination. Inside leg kick lands low, and Philippou needs a moment. The fight resumes after a few seconds, and Fukuda looks takedown. He misses. Spinning back fist from Philippou misses badly, but he lands a nice right. Fukuda’s face is beginning to swell. His kick gets countered by a big right hand.20 seconds to go. Philippou with excellent head movement, while landing shots, in the final moments of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Philippou.

Round 3: Combo right out of the gate for Philippou. Fukuda misses with a big kick, but lands on his next attempt. Takedown attempt from Fukuda. He can’t complete it and finishes in the clinch. Philippou simply out-muscles him, pushing Fukuda away by the face. Fukuda thinks kick, but pulls back. So far, another slow round. Philippou with a solid combination, ducking out of the way with his excellent head movement. Another takedown attempt from Fukuda, but Philippou again displays his takedown defense. Fukuda misses on a combination. Philippou clears his nose, and the crowd boos due to lack of action. Body kick from Fukuda lands, and Philippou falls to the mat. Eye poke. Philippou is in severe pain as action is stopped. Replays show the eye poke. This fight may be stopped. Philippou continues to complain about the pain, and no one can blame him. Philippou says he will continue, and the fans voice their appreciation. Philippou looks angry upon restart. Vicious right from Philippou. Takedown attempt from Fukuda. Philippou grabs onto a guillotine, but lets it go. His back is up against the cage in the clinch, but they separate shortly after the clinch began. 30 seconds to go in the round. Fukuda lands a punch, but Philippou walks through it. Nice combination from Philippou at the end of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Philippou.

Official Decision: Philippou def. Fukuda via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Fabricio Camoes vs. Melvin Guillard
Round 1: Guillard with a leg kick, followed by a right shortly after. Leg kick misses for Camoes. Nice left lands for Guillard as Camoes comes in for a takedown. Big punches miss for Camoes. One minute down. Camoes shoots in for another takedown, but Guillard lands. Guillard uses an arm lock to break away at the 2:00 mark. Right hand lands for Guillard when the action gets close. Camoes throws a body kick, but Guillard catches it and makes him pay. Camoes stalking now. He looks takedown, but fails. He attempts to pull guard, but Guillard pulls away. Takedown attempt from Guillard, and he has Camoes down. Guillard pounding away here. Camoes looking to reverse and he is able to. Guillard trying to stand back up, but Camoes is able to transition to mount. Big punches from Camoes. He is looking for an arm bar. Guillard slips out from under and is back to his feet. He was in big trouble there. Spinning kick from Camoes misses, and Guillard pounces on top of him. Big elbows from Guillard at the end of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Guillard.

Round 2: Slow, slow start to round two. Guillard with a combination, as Camoes looks to fire back. Camoes misses with a strike and then a leg kick. Not much action so far. Nice jab from Guillard. Kick from Guillard. Camoes with a kick of his own, followed by a hook. He looks takedown. He has it, but Guillard rolls over and is back up. Camoes still looking for the takedown. They finally separate. Two minutes to go in the round. Camoes raises his hands up, attempting to get the crowd involved. They answer, and he presses forward with a combination, but Guillard dodges nicely. Camoes with another takedown attempt. He gets it with a minute to go in the fight. Guillard stands up and reverses. Camoes on his back, and Guillard is throwing heavy here. Elbows and punches, but the round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Guillard.

Round 3: Guillard with a head kick early, but it is blocked. Spinning chant from Camoes misses, as the crowd chants “U.S.A.” Front kick from Camoes misses. Guillard’s left hook is blocked. 3:30 to go in the round, and there has been limited action so far. Fighters miss on an exchange. Camoes misses with a leg kick. A lot of missing and blocking here. They exchange, but miss again. Camoes presses forward, and Guillard evades again. Leg kick lands for Camoes. Guillard comes forward with a combination, but nothing lands flush. Nice left lands for Camoes, and he misses on a follow-up head kick. Takedown attempt now from Camoes, but Guillard evades yet again. Fighters slow their pace yet again. Nice jab from Guillard. Camoes shoots in with 30 seconds to go in the round. He gets it and is rolling for a submission of some sort. He has a submission here. Looks like a knee bar, but the round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Camoes.

Official Decision: Guillard def. Camoes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Gleison Tibau
Round 1: Tibau stalking early. Nurmagomedov throws, but doesn’t score. Tibau presses forward, but fails to land. They engage, and Tibau finds a home for his punches. Big left misses for Nurmagomedov. Head kick blocked by Tibau, who has done little so far this round. Both fighters missing far more than they are landing. Long takedown from Nurmagomedov and he drives Tibau into the cage. Tibau defending nicely, as he is able to push away. Nurmagomedov comes back in, winging punches before looking for the takedown. Back to the clinch instead. Nurmagomedov continues to look takedown, but he is struggling against Tibau. The referee breaks them up, and Nurmagomedov misses on another winging hook. Nice right lands for him here. Tibau with a nice left hook in the exchange. Takedown attempt from Tibau, but he can’t earn it. Nurmagomedov closes in for another takedown, but Tibau is defending nicely again. Trip nearly works, but Tibau is right back up. Nurmagomedov misses with another big punch. Tough round to score. Heavy.com scores the round 10-10.

Round 2: Slow start to round two. Leg kick misses for Nurmagomedov. Head kick from Tibau is blocked. Nurmagomedov lands a kick, and Tibau fires back with a left. Right lands for Nurmagomedov and he looks takedown again. And, again, Tibau is keeping his feet. Nice shot to the body, followed by a knee, from Tibau. Inside leg kick lands for Nurmagomedov. Tibau looking for a takedown and he gets it, but Nurmagomedov pops back up. Nurmagomedov fires in the clinch, but Tibau catches him with a nice hook. Nurmagomedov looking for another takedown. He separates briefly and lands several more solid strikes. They are separated by the official, and Nurmagomedov comes back with a big combination. Tibau misses on a shot to the body. Flying knee from Nurmagomedov and strikes as the round comes to an end. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Nurmagomedov.

Round 3: Both fighters are throwing early, but, like the majority of the first two rounds, neither seems able to land. Kick scores for Nurmagomedov, but he misses on a combination. Clinch up against the cage after an uneventful first minute. Nurmagomedov separates with a nice combination, but Tibau comes back with a takedown attempt. He gets it, but Nurmagomedov is able to separate back to his feet. Nice strike lands for Nurmagomedov up against the cage. Two minutes left in another uneventful round. They separate. Neither fighter is able to do much of anything. Nurmagomedov lands a nice hook. 30 seconds to go in the fight. Fake takedown from Tibau. They exchange as the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Nurmagomedov.

Official Decision: Nurmagomedov def. Tibau via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)