UFC On FUEL TV 4 Round By Round Results

Mark Munoz (Josh Hedges/UFC)

“UFC on FUEL TV 4” live results

“UFC on FUEL TV 4” is complete from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, and HeavyMMA has you covered.

The event featured a middleweight bout between contenders Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman, while a light heavyweight tilt served as the co-main event, as Joey Beltran debuts at 205 lbs against James Te Huna.

Raphael Assuncao vs. Issei Tamura
Round 1: Touch of gloves, and Assuncao blasts off a couple of leg kicks. Nice right hand lands for Tamura, and Assuncao is briefly staggered, but recovers. Head kick from Assuncao grazes Tamura’s head. Inside leg kick lands for Assuncao, but he is warned. Outside leg kick lands heavy. Spinning back kick lands to Tamura’s body. Another kick from Assuncao. He is really making Tamura’s offense stall with these kicks. Assuncao misses on a superman punch and clinches with his opponent against the cage. They separate. Two minutes to go in the round. Tamura swings wildly, missing badly, while Assuncao is content to land another leg kick. Spinning kick sends Tamura back. He shoots in for a takedown, but gets stuffed. Assuncao works towards his opponent’s back, but Tamura backs his way into the cage. They separate. 30 seconds. More kicks from Assuncao, and Tamura lands a left. HeavyMMA scores the round 10-9 for Assuncao.

Round 2: Outside leg kick from Assuncao to start the second. Tamura stalking. He rushes forward and lands a nice shot, but eats a vicious counter. He turns against the cage, and Assuncao storms in with a flurry. Tamura is in trouble here. He drops down, and the referee steps in.  Impressive finish from Assuncao.

Official Decision: Assuncao def. Tamura via technical knockout at 0:25 of Round 2

Marcelo Guimaraes vs. Dan Stittgen
Round 1: Touch of gloves, and we are underway. Inside leg kick from Stittgen. Takedown attempt from the Brazilian is stuffed, but he does manage to drive his opponent into the cage. Stittgen is down, but works his way back up. Guimaraes continues to work for the takedown. Stittgen looks guillotine, but transitions to a takedown. Guimaraes works his way back up, and Stittgen once again is being pressed against the cage. Knees from the Brazilian, but he is not having much success otherwise. Punches from Guimaraes. 90 seconds to go in the frame. Guimaraes looks for a toss, but Stittgen keeps his feet. 10 seconds, and Guimaraes simply landing strikes in the clinch, while Stittgen fires back when he can. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Guimaraes.

Round 2: Stittgen with leg kicks to start the second. A leg kick sends Guimares to the mat, but the Brazilian gets back up and into a clinch. He is pressing Stittgen up against the cage now, but he can’t get the takedown. Fighters trading kicks and knees, but nothing much else happening. Guimaraes drops down again, and Stittgen tries to grab hold of a choke. More kicks from Stittgen, followed by a punch. Guimaraes again looks for a takedown. Stittgen has his back against the cage, defending, and little action is happening. The referee urges the fighters to work. He separates them, and Stittgen lands a few kicks at the end of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Stittgen.

Round 3:Guimaraes in the center of the cage, landing kicks, which Stittgen answers with kicks of his own. More kicks from both fighters. Guimaraes lands a punch, but Stittgen comes right back with another kick. Guimaraes lands a few of his own. Jumping kick from Guimaraes. Stittgen lands a left punch, and Guimaraes misses with a  big right hand. Takedown attempt from the Brazilian, but he once again can’t get it. He pushes Stittgen up against the cage in the clinch, immediately working punches to the body. Not much else as the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Guimaraes.

Official Decision: Guimaraes def. Stittgen via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Andrew Craig vs. Rafael Natal
Round 1: Craig is first to act, landing a leg kick, while Natal fires right back. Big punches from Natal, but he can’t land any of his hooks. Crowd chanting for Natal. Fighters attempting to find their range, but neither having much success early. More kick traded between the two. Natal begins taunting his opponent, attempting to make him make a mistake. A plethora of kicks from Natal as Craig looks to engage. Craig lunges forward with strikes, and Natal looks to move the fight to the floor. Craig is able to brush it off and land leg kicks as the round closes. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Natal.

Round 2: Craig gets hurt at the beginning of the round, as Natal lands several strikes right out of the gate. Natal rushes forward with more punches. Craig looking to hold on. He grabs for a clinch or a takedown. Natal pushes him over and lands in full mount. He is looking for the finish here, as Craig continues to regain his senses. He sits up, but Natal is there with a guillotine choke. Craig reverses. Huge transition from the hurt fighter. Natal tries to escape from the bottom. Craig lets him up after a few moments. Natal with punches to the body, and Craig counters with a right. Head kick drops Natal. Craig sweeps in. Not much time remaining. Natal is out. Huge comeback from Craig to win via knockout.

Official Decision: Craig def. Natal via knockout at 4:52 of Round 2

Chris Cariaso vs. Josh Ferguson
Round 1: They touch ’em up and are underway. Ferguson lunges forward with a combination before clinching with Cariaso. Ferguson attempts to finish a single-leg takedown, as Cariaso pushes away. They separate and are back in the center of the cage. Ferguson forward with another combination, but he only lands a right. Cariaso lands a nice left hand to stagger Ferguson. Cariaso comes forward, and Ferguson pulls guard. Cariaso lets him stand back up. Cariaso ducks under a hook, and the fighters clinch. Ferguson drops down for a takedown and earns it. Ferguson is looking for a guillotine, but Cariaso pushes away. He stands back up against the cage, and the fans cheer. Cariaso turns Ferguson in the clinch and lands a nice left. 1:30 on the clock. Ferguson with a spinning kick, but Cariaso comes forward. Ferguson looks takedown, but Cariaso finds himself with the cage as his aid. Cariaso reverses and lands several vicious elbows before throwing Ferguson to the mat. Close round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Cariaso.

Round 2: Ferguson lunges forward with another combo, but Cariaso comes right back. Cariaso is stalking, missing with his own combination. Nice, but brief, exchange. Nice counters from Cariaso, and Ferguson lunges for a takedown. He gets it, but Cariaso slips out and is back up. Cariaso throws high with a kick, but it gets blocked. Ferguson with another takedown. Cariaso jumps right up again. Slip from Cariaso, but he is back up. Ferguson lunges forward again with his punches, allowing him to wrap Cariaso up in the clinch. 90 seconds. Ferguson separates with a knee and two punches. Cariaso with a sneaky combo that lands. He clinches up and presses Ferguson into the cage. Cariaso with a takedown with 20 seconds to go. Nice elbow, followed by big punches. Ferguson is taking a beating here, but the round closes. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Cariaso.

Round 3: Ferguson lands a nice combination and looks for a takedown. It gets stuffed, and he turns into half guard, giving up top position. Nice scramble leads both fighters to the feet. Ferguson with another combination. Cariaso tries to counter, but is instead forced to defend a takedown. Another nice sweep from Cariaso pushes the action to the mat. Ferguson is running out of options here. Cariaso looking for a submission now. Ferguson is able to work his way back up, but is nearly taken down. He keeps his feet and separates. 90 seconds. Cariaso defends a takedown and has the back, looking to take his opponent down. Kimura attempt from Ferguson. He lets it go and reverses to the back. Cariaso is standing. 50 seconds in the round. Ferguson is working very hard for the choke, but it just might not be there, as Cariaso defends. 10 seconds. Cariaso is going to survive. Good final minute from Ferguson, but not enough. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Ferguson.

Official Decision: Cariaso def. Ferguson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Alex Caceres vs. Damacio Page
Round 1: Page rushes forward, missing with a head kick. Body kick from Caceres, followed by a head kick, but the latter is blocked. Page wraps him up and takes him down. Page stands, then shoots back down into guard, nearly getting caught in a submission. Nice body punch from Page, followed by a shot to the head. Caceres with another submission attempt, and Page stands. He re-enters, but once again nearly falls into a submission. Caceres very busy off of his back. Caceres looks to control the wrist and he is able to. Triangle choke from Caceres. He turns Page over and begins striking. Page rolls and pulls out. Arm bar attempt now. Page slips out. Terrific action on the ground. Page is back in guard. 10 seconds, and Caceres grabs another submission attempt. But time runs out. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Page.

Round 2: Kicks from Caceres early, followed by punches. Knee from Caceres, but Page grabs hold for a takedown and takes his opponent down with a slam. Page in the guard of Caceres now. Page tries to strike, but Caceres latches on another triangle choke. This one is very deep. Page forced to tap out. Incredible submission game from Caceres in this contest.

Official Decision: Caceres def. Page via submission triangle choke at 1:27 of Round 2

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. Anthony Njokuani
Round 1: Dos Anjos with a kick to start this contest. They exchange, and dos Anjos gets the better of it. Njokuani falls back to the mat after a sharp jab. Dos Anjos shoots in and looks to work to the back, but Njokunai escapes to the feet. Dos Anjos with a takedown attempt, but Njokuani evades back to the feet shortly after. Jab from Njokuani at the midpoint of the round. He lands a body kick, but dos Anjos looks for a takedown. Njokuani stuffs it, though he has his back against the fence. Dos Anjos disengages, before landing two final punches to round out the opening frame. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Round 2: Njokuani with leg kicks to begin the fight. Dos Anjos fires back with leg kicks of his own. They exchange, and Njokuani is verbal with every strike. Dos Anjos working for a takedown, but Njokunai jumps back up. Dos Anjos grabs a body lock and is still trying to get this fight down to the floor, but he is struggling. He finally gets the fight down, while Njokuani tries to scramble. Dos Anjos staying on top, but not doing much. Meanwhile, Njokuani is trapped on the bottom. He slams Njokuani down and looks for a choke as the round is coming to a close, but he runs out of time. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for dos Anjos.

Round 3: Njokuani comes out with kicks in the final frame, but dos Anjos comes back with kicks of his own. Dos Anjos staying aggressive, while Njokuani is looking to counter. Njokuani lands a nice knee, and dos Anjos drives forward. Dos Anjos looks for a takedown. He gets inside and is able to take the fight down. Punches from dos Anjos, who tries to advance to a superior position. Njokuani struggles from the bottom, but is finally able to get to his feet. Dos Anjos grabs ahold of Njokuani as the final bell sounds.

Official Decision: Dos Anjos def. Njokuani def. unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Vaughan Lee
Round 1: Lee with a spinning kick in the early going, and Dillashaw works punches to the body. Lee comes back with a counter. Dillashaw evades. He slips on a kick. Lee looks to earn a takedown after, but Dillashaw is able to avoid. On the next encounter, Dillashaw earns a big slam, but Lee is able to get to his feet. Dillashaw gets hold of his body from the back. He leaps up and gets a body lock. Lee is standing, but in danger here. Dillashaw slips in the choke. Lee with elbows, but he is forced to tap.

Official Decision: Dillashaw def. Lee via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:33 of Round 1

Francis Carmont vs. Karlos Vemola
Round 1: Vemola with kicks to start the round, but quickly looks for a takedown. Carmont stuffs it without too much trouble. Vemola with a trip to bring the fight to the floor. Carmont has butterfly guard, looking to reverse or escape from the position. He is almost able to sweep, but fails. Vemola grabs hold of a neck, as his opponent works back up to the feet. Vemola grabs onto a guillotine and falls to his back. It looks deep, but Carmont acknowledges that he is fine. Carmont escapes and is able to transition to side control, working hammerfists. He looks for a kimura from the position, but Vemola manages to avoid the submission attempt. Carmont gives it up and instead works to mount. Vemola is able to spin out. He is back to the feet. Carmont immediately shoots back in, and Vemola grabs onto another guillotine choke. Vemola, after a struggle, lets go with time ticking away. 30 seconds to go. Carmont with a few more punches. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Carmont.

Round 2: Carmont looks to stay aggressive at the start of the round, landing a kick. Vemola grabs the leg and looks for a takedown. He can’t earn it, however, and Carmont looks for a guillotine choke. They fall to the floor in a scramble. They quickly get back to the feet. Carmont somehow manages a transition to his opponent’s back and traps the right arm. The choke is there, and he takes it. Vemola is forced to tap to the submission.

Official Decision: Carmont def. Vemola via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:39 of Round 2

Aaron Simpson vs. Kenny Robertson
Round 1: Robertson active on the feet, but Simpson is the first to really engage, scoring a flurry early in the round. Robertson blocks the majority of shots. Simpson looks to close the distance and clinches with his opponent up against the fence. Nothing happening. Still nothing, and the referee breaks them up. Both get right to work, landing after the restart. They get tangled up briefly. Robertson looks to score and he does so. Simpson looks to shoot in for a takedown, but he gets nowhere. Robertson with a takedown attempt of his own. Simpson dodges and is able to take the back, taking Robertson down. Robertson is able to move back to the feet and lands elbows. He is able to break free at the end of the round. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Simpson.

Round 2: Simpson opens up early, but he doesn’t land. The fight moves to the clinch, and Simpson is able to take the back, just like he did in the first. Robertson looks to reverse with a kimura, but instead begins landing elbows. Simpson works knees and takes the fight down with a slam, but Robertson is back up. He throws an ill-advised spinning back fist and gets taken down. They are grappling competitively, but Simpson ends up in a north-south position of sorts. Robertson is looking for a leg lock. Simpson avoids and remains on top, looking to punch. Robertson defends as the round comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Simpson.

Round 3: Simpson is the first to engage yet again, throwing a front kick. He follows up with a left hook to the body and then a spinning kick. They clinch up, and Simpson gets the better of it, landing a vicious knee to the body. Simpson moves to the back and takes dominant position. He is able to work the fight down. He looks for an inverted triangle choke, but Robertson is able to avoid it. He breaks to his feet briefly, but is then put back on the ground. Simpson in Robertson’s guard. Simpson begins to work ground and pound now. 60 seconds to go in the fight. Robertson looks for a submission, but it isn’t there. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Simpson.

Official Decision: Simpson def. Robertson via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

James Te Huna vs. Joey Beltran
Round 1: Beltran willing to engage early, but Te Huna is equally as game. Te Huna lands punches first, then kicks. Nice shots to the body and a final shot to the head sends Beltran into the cage. Te Huna lands a few more leg kicks. Beltran shoots off one of his own, but he is still in some trouble. Te Huna engages again, landing nicely, while Beltran struggles to land his counters. He does, however, land a nice pair of knees. They get tangled up for a second, but then separate. Beltran with a nice right hand. Te Huna hits on a hook, and Beltran is shook. He falls to the ground, and Te Huna moves to full mount. Beltran is able to get back to his feet by slipping out. Te Huna gets right back to work, but the bell sounds. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Te Huna.

Round 2: Te Huna pressing the action early, as he did last round. Beltran with a head kick, but he doesn’t find a home for it. Te Huna moving forward, as always seems to be the case, and lands nice shots to the body. Jabs from Beltran. Te Huna looks for a takedown and he earns it. He is in Beltran’s guard now. Beltran with elbows, but he can’t do much else. The referee separates them and restarts the two standing up. Beltran stuffs a takedown and lands a leg kick. Te Huna dodges another head kick and lands a front kick. Beltran lands a nice shot that stuns Te Huna in the final moments. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Te Huna.

Round 3: Beltran jabbing early, and Te Huna begins stalking him. He seems a bit hesitant, considering it is the third round. Beltran with a takedown attempt, but he can’t get it. Te Huna lands a vicious hook and takes Beltran down. He lets his opponent back up fairly quickly, however. They exchange, and Te Huna again looks takedown, earning it effortlessly. He lets Beltran back up again and lands a nice shot. Beltran then looks for a takedown of his own, and he is able to get it. Te Huna works his way back up. Time is running out. 30 seconds. They exchange until the fight comes to a close. Heavy.com scores the round 10-9 for Te Huna.

Official Decision: Te Huna def. Beltran via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Mark Munoz vs. Chris Weidman
Round 1: Weidman moves to the center of the cage to begin the evening’s main event. Takedown after a few kicks, and Munoz is on his back. Weidman moves to side control, keeping Munoz down. Munoz with a potential kimura, but nothing’s there for him. He moves to his knees, and Weidman digs into Munoz with nice knee strikes. Munoz tries to stand, but he drops to his knees again. Weidman possibly looking for a headlock. He goes for a choke, but Munoz is out of danger for the moment. Weidman immediately looks to work an arm lock. He lets it go and begins looking for another choke. Punches from Weidman. He locks on a guillotine. Munoz is able to break free after a brief struggle. Munoz is able to escape to his feet as the round closes. Heavy.com scores the round 10-8 for Weidman.

Round 2: Weidman shoots in for the takedown right out of the gate, and Munoz is in trouble early. He tries to roll back to his feet, but doesn’t have any luck. He is finally able to and looks to land on the feet. Counter from Weidman drops Munoz to the mat. Weidman jumps, landing shot after shot. Where is the ref? Finally, the fight is stopped. Incredibly late stoppage, but Weidman earns a vicious stoppage after a brilliant six minutes of fighting.

Official Decision: Weidman def. Munoz via knockout at 1:37 of Round 2

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