Frankie Edgar 155 Reasons: Episode VIII, Family Before Fighting

155 Reasons, Episode VIII -Fighter vs. Father, The Frankie Edgar SeriesGaspari TV presents 155 Reasons, the Frankie Edgar series Episode VIII – Fighter vs. Father. Frankie, his wife, his parents and coach Mark Henry, discuss Frankie's roles as a fighter and a father to his two sons as he prepares for the rematch at UFC 150 on August 11th in Denver. @2012, Gaspari Nutrition, Inc.…2012-08-07T16:58:15.000Z

Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar may be one of the top pound for pound fighters in all of mixed martial arts, but he’s a father first.

In the latest episode of the Frankie Edgar 155 Reasons series, Edgar and his family discuss his role of being a father and husband, as well as competing on the grand stage of MMA.

Edgar meets lightweight champion Ben Henderson at UFC 150 this weekend in Denver, Colorado.

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