The Loco Notion : Weekly Roundup

You didn’t think you’d get off that easy, did you? Or course I’m gonna chime in on the news of the week, especially after the events that took place in Abu Dhabi.

Anderson Silva’s antics

So, UFC 112 was this weekend…actually, let me rephrase that. There was an event that had the UFC name attached to it and it was done inside of an 8 sided chain link fence contraption. After seeing that main event, I don’t know if we can really call that a UFC…and I don’t even know if the UFC wants to take credit for that either. Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, that must be a huge rock, almost boulder like) then you know that Anderson Silva toyed with Damien Maia for 2 1/2 rounds, and then for 2 1/2 rounds he toyed with the heart strings of every UFC fan that enjoys watching a fight. I understand there are people who enjoyed it (they are the same people who like going to the dentist), saying that Anderson showed his dominance by messing around in there. Hey, the Harlem Globetrotters messed around on the court, but they still beat the crap out of the Washington Generals (For you young kids, the Harlem Globetrotters…you know what, wikipedia it. I don’t have time for a history lesson on something that is barely history).

You want to see dominance? Watch a Mike Tyson fight (pre-jail and preferably pre-Robin Givens. Congrats, you had 21 Jump Street…where are you now?) Mike could have toyed with Spinks if he wanted to…but what did he do? He absolutely knocked his block off. I could talk about this for hours, so let’s just end it by saying this: Anderson Silva is still the best pound for pound fighter in the world. I just wish he would act like it.

BJ Penn’s loss

I wish I could sit here and write a beautiful piece on why I think the judges were correct in giving Frankie Edgar the win. I also wish I could sit here and write about how I think the judges were wrong in giving Frankie Edgar the win. Unfortunately, after about the start of round three, I kind of tuned out from the fight. (It doesn’t help that I got a text message in the morning that said “Man, BJ got screwed!”) I saw the way the fight was going and assumed it would go to a decision and BJ would get the win. Let’s face it, who loses their title on a decision? Well apparently, BJ does. I was kinda half watching the whole fight, and trying to figure out why the BJJ phenom that is BJ Penn didn’t just allow Frankie to take him down so that he could sub him and go home. First judge scores it 50-45 and I know that BJ won so then I sat there trying to figure out why my buddy would text me and try and trick me into thinking that BJ lost. I then sat there and tried to figure out if I should get 10 more wings (we were watching the fight at Hooters with the superstars of Strikeforce, Jason “MayheM” Miller and “King” Mo Lawal) or if I should get a salad, eve though ordering a salad at Hooters is like slapping those beautiful working girls in the face.

What did the paragraph above tell you? Firstly, you NEVER let it go to the judges, champion or not. Secondly, never order a salad at Hooters.

Strikeforce will save April and help the WEC

Yep, I said it. Strikeforce will help the WEC. After watching the event known as UFC 112, fans are going to have a nice breath of fresh air. Fresh FREE air. Watching King Mo smash Mousasi, the beauty that is Mayhem Miller, and the mean right hand of Dan Henderson all for the cost of zero dollars and zero cents will get that spark going again. Fans that were going to not buy the Aldo vs Faber PPV due to the bad taste in their mouth will now be ordering it because they got the MMA bug back. Way to go Coker…all you’re doing is getting the WEC more PPV buys.

Wait a minute…

Maybe Coker is on the UFC payroll.


The role of “Tito Ortiz” is now being played by Rich Franklin

I get it. Dana White told us that Tito Ortiz would be fighting Chuck Liddell. Tito knew this whole time and didn’t mention anything on his Twitter. Wah wah, they lied to us! Really? C’mon now. As if the changing of the main event somehow impacted your plans. “I was gonna order pepperoni for the fight, but now that Tito is gone, I have to get supreme. Screw you Dana!” Our politicians can lie, but not our Dana White! Let’s face it, Dana had to have you keep watching TUF to see what happened. Tito didn’t want to be sued for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. You ever been sued for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS? Well, I haven’t either. But I have lost five dollars once, and that felt terrible. So hang on and let me multiply that feeling by a million.

Holy crap that’s a horrible feeling. Don’t blame you, Tito.

So what is the end result of all this?

Regardless of your hurt feelings of Dana fibbing, you will watch Liddell vs Franklin from the comfort of your home. I will be stuck watching it ringside. Such is the circle of life.

High 5.