UFC 114 Media Conference Call Notes

Welcome to our running live blog of today’s UFC 114 conference call, featuring host Dana White with Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans. The conference call is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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1:06: We’re running a little late, it seems. The world record for starting a conference call late has to be held by Strikeforce, though, and the 27-minute monster they produced earlier this year. I don’t believe anything will top that one, although getting Rampage Jackson to do anything on time is quite the difficult task.

1:08: I jinxed it. Dana White is doing his introduction now.

1:09: Sergio Non brings up the Fighters Only interview and asks Rampage why he’s upset with the UFC. Rampage says there’s a lot of things that make him unhappy, but he’s not here to talk about those. Dana says he knew that was going to be the first question asked today. Dana says Rampage is very opinionated and he’s entitled to those opinions. Dana says he hears Rampage did a good job in the A-Team and he wants a piece of the second film. Rampage is silent. Dana is joking, by the way.

1:11: Rashad’s phone is having some major issues. Dana tells him to speak up.

1:12: Franklin McNeil asks Rampage about his time off, and Rampage asks him why he always has to use big words. Rampage says he took time off because his body needed some rest, so he’s glad he did it and glad he rested. Rampage says he’s done with the movie and he doesn’t even think about it anymore, and all he cares about is the fight. Says beating Rashad is a moral victory and nothing much because Rashad can’t even hold onto his belt. He wants to teach Rashad to keep his mouth shut, but it’s not a big accomplishment. Fighting Rashad is a step backwards for him.

1:16: Rashad takes issue with Rampage’s comments about him. He beat Forrest when Rampage couldn’t beat him. And then they start shouting at each other. Rashad says Rampage perpetuates the idea that he’s stupid when he’s anything but stupid. “Stop pretending like you’re stupid just because you’re black, you’re not stupid.” This conference call is already epic.

1:17: Rampage has never fought anybody he hates as much as Rashad. Says Rashad is fake and cocky and hasn’t done much. Rashad says he was the world champion, so Rampage asks where his belt is.  And then they start shouting at each other again. Rashad apparently shipped Rampage something in the mail, but Rampage denies knowing anything about it. They start shouting again.

1:20: Dana finally gets them to take another question. Yes, they’ve been shouting at each other the whole time.

1:21: Rashad says he trained hard so he wouldn’t get tired during the fight, to which Rampage interjects “I get tired during all your fights.”