Sonnen Drug Test Showed High Levels of Testosterone

UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen
UFC middleweight star Chael Sonnen tested positive for abnormally high levels of testosterone following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva, the California State Athletic Commission revealed today.

The news of Sonnen’s failed drug test was first revealed on Sunday morning, but did not specify what drug caused the failure. reported the specific drug on Monday evening.

Sonnen turned himself into one of the UFC’s top stars with his prolific trash talking, and Silva served as his main target. But Sonnen also backed up his talk in the cage, battering Silva in dominant fashion for four and a half rounds before finally being caught with a Silva triangle choke.

Sonnen’s performance earned him an immediate rematch, which was scheduled to take place on the UFC’s annual Super Bowl weekend card. But Sonnen will now face a lengthy suspension — likely 12 months unless an appeal leads to a reduction. It’s almost certain that Sonnen’s rematch with Silva is now off the books, and the UFC has named the upcoming bout between Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami as a new number-one contender’s bout.

Sonnen has the right to file an appeal, but has yet to reply to the test failure notice. CSAC Executive Director George Dodd told MMA Junkie that the proposed rematch between Sonnen and middleweight champion Anderson Silva is “unlikely” unless Sonnen responds to the allegations in a timely manner. Sonnen currently faces a one-year suspension and $2,500 fine.

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