Strikeforce: San Jose Media Call Recap

The “Strikeforce: San Jose” media call is in the books. Check out all action from the call featuring women’s welterweight champion Sarah Kaufman, top contender Marloes Coenen, lightweights Josh Thomson and Gesias Cavalcante, and the promotion’s CEO Scott Coker.

2:02: We are underway only two minutes past the scheduled starting time, which might just be a record for the promotion.

2:04: Scott Coker on the line now, thanking the media and fighters for taking the time out today.

2:06: Josh Thomson says that it has been a “rough camp” because he has been training so hard. He says he has been training with Josh Koscheck, among others.

2:07: Cavalcante hops on, thanking Scott Coker for the opportunity to fight in Strikeforce. He says that he is happy to be facing such a challenge in his promotional debut.

2:09: Thomson is asked if this fight is a must win for him, to which he says that every fight is a must win in his mind. He also says that he was not happy with his last performance and that he was not fully focused.

2:11: Cavalcante is asked about any pressure he feels heading into this fight, saying that he is not putting any pressure on himself and that camp is going well.

2:14: Thomson is asked about the injuries he sustained.  He says he’s learned how to work around injuries to keep his training up.

2:15: Thomson then says that he does not believe that either he or Cavalcante have any advantages over one another, says he just needs to implement his gameplan.

2:18: Cavalcante asked about his training in the cage, to which he replies that he has been training in cages for a long time and believes his game is equal if not better inside the cage as opposed to the ring.

2:20: Scott Coker addresses the recent signings and whether or not signings will continue to happen so often. He says he wants to build up the other divisions the same way the promotion built up the heavyweight division.

2:21: The CEO is then asked about the implications of this fight and he says there are definite title implications. He feels that both guys are ready, but the lightweight champion Melendez still needs to recover.

2:23: Thomson says that he has heard that Cavalcante is the best fighter at his respective gym and that he is expecting the worst, which helped him immensely with his preparation.

2:25: Coker asked about selecting the match up and he sounds very happy about this fight. He says this fight will show what mixed martial arts is about, expects a very good fight.

2:27: Cavalcante says he is looking for everything in the cage, not only a submission or a knockout. He is looking to create opportunities and be sure not to let them pass by.

2:28: Cavalcante then asks a question of his own, asking Coker when he will sign Jorge Masvidal. Coker tells him to give him a call following this call.

2:30: The difference between fighting in Japan and fighting in America is brought up, and Cavalcante says the difference is very noticeable.

2:31: Closing statements now. Thomson says this fight is probably going to be underrated as to how good this match up is. He feels Strikeforce and the fans will reap the benefits of this fight.

2:33: Thomson and Cavalcante jump off the call, while Coenen and Kaufman hop on.

2:34: Kaufman says that she has been challenged throughout her Strikeforce career and thinks that Marloes is another big challenge for her.

2:35: Coenen addresses the potential weight cut problems, but she says that she really doesn’t expect there to be any.

2:36: Kaufman defends why she feels that their main card slot is deserved after fighting on smaller cards throughout her championship run. She says that both her and Coenen are definitely worth a spot on a major card.

2:38: Coenen’s title shot after losing her last fight is brought up to Kaufman, who feels that her upcoming opponent certainly is a tough challenge and deserves the title shot.

2:40: Coker is then asked about giving title shots to fighters coming off losses. He believes that Coenen and Kaufman are the two best in their respective division.

2:41: Coenen defends her title shot, saying that she has done enough over her career to prove that she is worthy.

2:43: Kaufman on the defensive now, explaining that she can’t always get the knockout with the tough fighters she is put up against. But she says it felt great to get the knockout in her last fight. She also explains that her post-fight interview in which she said she wanted to be on a big card was something that had to be done.

2:46: Kaufman then says that she is really happy with the match ups in Strikeforce. She feels that the promotion keeps challenging her and giving her tough opponents.

2:47: Coenen says that she has hired two dietary professionals to help her with getting the weight down to 135 pounds. Once again states that the cut will not be a problem.

2:48: Coker says that “Cyborg” Santos will probably not be back before the end of the year, but will defend her belt again in early 2011.

2:50: Kaufman says that she does not plan to move divisions anytime soon, feels that the 135-pound division is the most stacked and that she is getting challenged in each and every fight.

2:51: Coenen is then asked if she feels more pressure to deliver a great fight since it is going to be on television and she definitely does not plan to change her style based simply on that.

2:52: Coker is questioned about the Josh Barnett signing. He says that the heavyweight wants to fight everyone in that division, whoever they put up against him.

2:54: Coenen addresses her training, saying that she has not changed her camp up too much. However, she did bring in a wrestling coach to help with that aspect of her game. She also says that she is going to be ready for anything, but thinks most of the fight will be on the feet.

2:56: Kaufman is also asked about training, saying that her coaches take care of setting that up. She is training six days a week and the training is intense.

2:59: Closing comments begin with Coker, who says the “San Jose” card is going to be an excellent event. Kaufman says she is going to look for the finish in her fight, while Coenen thanks Coker for the opportunity to fight for another title.