Herschel Walker: Age Don’t Really Matter

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker says age doesn’t matter.

Former NFL star and Olympian Herschel Walker got his second mixed martial arts win at “Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg” via technical knockout over Scott Carson, and the 48-year old athlete maintains age is just a number.

“Everyone talks about my age, and let’s put that to rest,” said Walker during the post-fight press conference. “If you’ve got a 20 year old that wants to run me in the 40, I’ll run him. If you’ve got a 20 year old that wants to beat me at basketball, I’ll beat him. You got a 20 year old that wants to do something else, so age don’t really matter.”

“I think age to some people is important, but age to me, I didn’t ever think about it,” he said. “Everyone talks about 48, but I think I’m in just as good (shape) as any 20 or 30 year old out there.”

“I look exactly the same in 1983 as I do right now. My guns got a little bit bigger, but I’m almost the same.”

While defying the aging process, Walker knows his limitations.

“There’s no way I’m going after the belt. The only belt I’m going to go at is one I can buy.”

“I wanted to do one fight and then get in the gym with guys that fight, or just train with them. It’s not like I dreamed of being a fighter,” said Walker. “The reality is, I am older and this is a young person’s sport, but if I can bring more recognition to it and help people to recognize this sport, I would love to do that because I think these guys deserve a lot more than what they’re getting.”

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