UFC Soon To Be Available In A Billion Homes

UFC President

UFC president Dana White

The UFC is expanding their international television viewership.

UFC events are available to a half a billion homes, but the Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts promotion is working on deals that would double that number.

“We’re in a half a billion homes now worldwide,” UFC president Dana White said recently

“What I’ve been saying for a long time is this is going to be the biggest sport in the world, and I think people might be thinking I’m not nuts anymore. We are in a half a billion homes right now on television worldwide, and we’re working on some deals right now, and we’ll get them done in the next few months, that will put us in over a billion homes worldwide on television.”

The deals aren’t finalized, but White and company are optimistic that they will be soon.

“I don’t like getting out there too ahead of myself and talking about things that aren’t done yet, but we’re very confident that we’re going to get it done,” said White.

With the potential growth in television viewers across the globe, the UFC also plans to add more events.

“We want to keep adding shows,” stated White. “We’re working on things right now that we’ll have done in the next couple of months where we’re taking it to the next level. Everything is growing. Everything is getting bigger. We’re going to be putting on more fights in more places.

“There might be a day – I can’t believe I’m going to say this – but there’s going to be a day where we are putting on a show in Las Vegas and there will be a fight happening in Australia at the same time. That’s really where we are headed.”

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