UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller Bonuses: Barry, Miller Pace $45,000 winners

Jim Miller (Matt Erickson/HeavyMMA)

Barry, Morecraft, Miller, Denis win $45,000 awards

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Pat Barry, Christian Morecraft, Jim Miller and Nick Denis each heard the sweet cha-ching of a bonus check for their performances in Music City on Friday night at UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller.

The four fighters each took home $45,000 in bonus money after Friday’s UFC debut on the FX cable channel. The UFC announced the winners following the card at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. Barry and Morecraft won Fight of the Night, Miller won Submission of the Night in the main event for his rear naked choke of Melvin Guillard and Denis, making his UFC debut, won Knockout of the Night for his 22-second KO in the night’s first fight against Joseph Sandoval.

Barry had a little trouble with Morecraft early in their heavyweight bout, which opened the FX broadcast. But after several submission escapes, Barry got back to the feet and eventually landed a big bomb that dropped the much taller Morecraft to the canvas. Barry moved in quickly and landed several more shots on the ground before the fight was stopped. Morecraft was out on the canvas for several minutes before he was able to be helped from the Octagon.

“I had that killer instinct tonight,” Barry said. “I had some very accurate punches on the ground. My confidence is always through the roof and I want to always put on a great show for everyone.”

Miller seemed to be hurt early against Guillard, eating several knees to the body. But on one final flying knee from Guillard, Miller shot for a takedown, got it and was able to work his way to Guillard’s back. Guillard had to tap from a rear naked choke not long after that – his ninth submission setback in 10 career losses.

“I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to find out how hard he hits,” Miller said. “He has explosive shots. I don’t get knocked down too often. I was able to find my home on his back in the scramble and was able to work my arm underneath his neck. I feel pretty good once I get in that position as I can usually work things the way I need to. The win is just so gratifying.”

And in the night’s first fight, UFC rookie Nick Denis made a big impression in just 22 seconds with a knockout of Joseph Sandoval that ultimately held up for a bonus check through nine more fights. Denis landed four big elbows to the left side of Sandoval’s head, dropping him with the fourth one.

“It couldn’t have gone any better,” Denis said. “I came out strong striking. The plan was then to take it to the ground, because I know he’s not as strong a grappler as he is a striker. I threw some punches and he didn’t react well, so I finished it. He was open for the right elbow. It landed and I kept them coming and put him down.”


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