Shamrock Accused Of Battering Woman At California Mall

Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock

Shamrock accused of battering a woman

Ken Shamrock is making headlines again, but not necessarily in the way he would prefer.

The longtime MMA veteran is being accused of battering a woman at a mall in Modesto, California last month. reported the news.

While Shamrock was visiting the mall, he noticed two woman fighting. He attempted to break up the fight, while others looked on, videotaping the incident. However, a bystander, described by TMZ as “heavyset,” leapt on Shamrock’s back and pulled him away.

Shamrock threw the individual off his back and knocked the person to the ground.

That’s when the controversey began.

After the knock-down, the crowd yelled to Shamrock that the person he had hit was a female. After taking another look, he realized that the individual was a female, and he backed away.

However, police are not planning to prosecute Shamrock, allegedly, as they say he was only acting in self-defense and that the woman was not the victim.

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