Jaclyn Hill Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jaclyn hill

Getty Jaclyn Hill attends the NYX VIP Dine & Unwind at Hudson Terrace on April 11, 2015 in New York City.

We’re in the midst of a time where YouTube is overtaking regular TV programming. More and more people are watching YouTube, and out of that, some truly compelling content creators have emerged. One of those creators is 28 year old Jaclyn Hill.

Jaclyn is well known for her numerous collaborations with Morphe Cosmetics and her limited edition palette with Becca Cosmetics, but is best known for her YouTube channel where she boasts over 5.4 million subscribers.

Said to be worth a cool $1.5 million, Ms. Hill recently embarked on a business endeavor that went sour. Pocketing a large sum of money through her sold out Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection with Morphe Cosmetics, it seems Jaclyn and Morphe are the only ones that win in such a situation. Either way, Jaclyn’s pockets are just getting bigger and bigger. How does she make her money?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jaclyn Can Make up to $30,000 Per Month on YouTube

According to Jaclyn’s Social Blade she can make anywhere from $2.2k – $34.5k per month. Although it seems to be on the lower side now as her profile also reports that she’s seen more than a 20% decrease in views and over a 50% decrease in subscriber gains this month alone.

It’s safe to say she’s doing well though, as her Social Blade details how much she makes a year, raking in anywhere from $24.9k – $414.4k.

2. Hill Has Cranked Out an Immense Amount of Collaborations

By far Jaclyn’s biggest accomplishment to date was her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, a makeup brand that collaborates with the likes of Chrissy Teigen. Although her palette was met with less than raves reviews, it was a stepping stone into the mainstream for Hill.

Since the Becca collaboration, we have seen many collaborations with Morphe Cosmetics, a company that Jaclyn lives and breathes. The most recent collaboration, a brush set is a set of Jaclyn’s favorite Morphe brushes. A safe choice considering the mishap with her last Morphe palette collaboration.

3. She Reps Morphe Cosmetics Hard

One of the easiest ways Hill makes money is through her affiliate link with Morphe Cosmetics. Although it’s never been disclosed how much she makes off of the link, it is thought that she gets cut a sizeable check.

Jaclyn has bragged in passing that her code JACATTACK (which saves you 10% off your purchase) is Morphe’s most used code. That’s quite a lofty claim as many popular YouTuber’s have codes for Morphe, including James Charles, who even put his code on a since discontinued hoodie.

4. Collaboration With Becca Cosmetics

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In 2015 Hill bagged a lucrative deal with Becca cosmetics, making it her first huge collaboration. Hill and Becca created the smash hit highlighter, Champagne Pop. It sold out within hours of it hitting the market, and in 2016 they were back for another collaboration. This time they had a whole face palette, The Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette. The palette sold out quickly and has not been restocked in some time.

Although Hill’s first collaboration with Becca Cosmetics was a quick favorite of anyone who tried it, her Champagne Glow Face Palette did not fair the same and, while met with good reviews from fans, wasn’t an amazing palette, and in some consumer’s opinion’s, not good enough to repurchase if her name were not on it.

5. She Makes Money Off Her Instagram

It’s not known exactly how much Jaclyn makes off her Instagram, as many creators choose not to disclose this amount for various reasons. However, many creators do in fact share their rates and a lifestyle blogger with over 100k followers disclosed to Later.com that they requested about $1,000/per Instagram post for a brand.

Jaclyn has over 5.7 million follower on instagram, so following the logic that an influencer with 100,000 followers requests $1,000/per post, and Kylie Jenner who has 115 million followers demands $1 million per post, we can assume Jaclyn is bringing in an eye-watering amount per post. With Makeup Geek owner Marlena Stell making claims that influencers can make $60,000 for a product mention in a review, there’s no telling how much Jaclyn could be making from ad’s, but it sure is up there.